Pro Cuts Tree Care Reviews - Pro Cuts Tree Care Scam or Legit

Jeremiah –

Victim Location 46835

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Home Improvement

I was approached by three people (two men, & a girl) in a white truck (newer really nice truck) with a cab with a extended saw blade tool in the back of their truck. They rang my doorbell and I answered the door. One man asked me if I wanted my trees cut down and I said maybe in the spring. He said can I take a look at what you have? So I took them (him and the second guy James) to the backyard (my second mistake). All in all he said he could give me a good deal and offered me $125 per tree and a grand total estimate of $1000. He talked me into starting on the trees in the front yard and I said okay (my third mistake). He wrote up an estimate (with what I believe as someone else’s company name, Pro Cuts Tree Care. The form looked official, but still I questioned why no company name on the truck, why no badges, why no safety glasses, why no hard hats. When I asked why they were working on Sunday, and so late, he said they were just starting early. I asked for a business card, and they said they could get it but not right now. I asked why they didn’t have more equipment and he replied there was a bucket truck down the road. The one that lifts in the air. I did not see one down the street. They two guys looked official and were wearing "orange tee shirts" with the 765 area code on the shirts, and were wearing the bright lime green/yellow vests on the outside of their shirts. The two men started working on the two front trees and pruned them. They moved all the limbs out to the edge of the lawn. They did not remove any of the limbs as what they were supposed to do. When they finished pruning the front trees, the man rang my door bell and said that they were done for the night and that they normally don’t ask for money, but would I give them 300 dollars and they would leave their equipment at my house and come back tomorrow and finish the job. I told them I don’t keep cash and I couldn’t pay them tonight. They asked if I would go to an ATM and take out money. So I locked up the house and retrieved only 200 dollars from the ATM. This whole thing feels wrong. They also kept asking about my husband and if I had one and where was he? So at this point, I don’t want these people near my house or near me and I do not want them to finish the job. Something is not right.

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