Prime Capital

Frederick –

Victim Location 76017

Type of a scam Phishing

Received back to back calls from the number listed. My sister text me a text stating she received a call from all 0’s back to back. She answered and they gave her this number as well as a case #. I called the number. They did not answer with the company name, I had to ask for it. They answered Legal Department. After asking what this was all about, I was transferred to my "case worker". He answered "Legal Department". Never providing the name. We went back and forth, he asked for the last 4 of the SSN I said no, he said well I cant verify or give you any information without it and i was not going to verify at all. Then he stated, anonymous calls must have been the police trying to serve me papers (do they call to setup a meeting to serve you papers??) Then he proceeded to ask my whereabouts and state, I can have them come now. I declined. Because I have been a victim before I am very conscious about these calls. The person started to get a little snappy on the phone. Like he didn’t want to answer any more questions.

Jonathan –

Victim Location 03303

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Someone called repeatedly back to back from a blocked number so I finally answered. They aggressively asked if my husband was home because they needed to serve him with court summons. I said he was at work and they said that he needed to call this number and use a case number to get the information, otherwise there will be a negative judgment against him. They said they tried to serve him twice, but I work from home and no one has ever come by, so I sensed this may not be legit.

My husband called the number and spoke to someone named Steve. Steve told him that Bank of America was bringing a civil case against him unless he pays a sum of $1500 right now. He said he couldn’t send anything via the mail because it was too late, he needed to hurry up and make a payment arrangement. Unfortunately for Steve, my husband closed his BofA account 13 years ago and doesn’t owe anything on it. My husband told him that he knew it was BS, and he became hostile and said "well good luck in court!"

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