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Glenn –

Victim Location 86334

Type of a scam Employment

I see a deal on a advertisment on internet for mystery shoppers needed so I applied and they sent me a cashier’s check for $ 2,983.00 and I was to deposit the check into my checking account and then go to the post office and purchase postal money orders$1,000 in 2 money orders and and 1 money order for $650.00 for a total of $2,650.00 and told not to fill out the money orders. Leave money orders blank with the receipts attached and that I would be mailing them to another mystery shopper agent to carry out their mystery shopper assignment. They said that I wasn’t to mention to the postal employee that I was doing an evaluation of them or their place of employment( the post office) that I was doing a customer service Evaluation if different post offices and to please send a text message to the number given immediately after I purchased the money orders so that they could give me further instructions on how to complete the task and mailing informations and then report to them on how long it took to get waited on and if the person was nice, and how well they knew their job, and their professionalism, how long of a wait I had, how long it took them to perform that task, and any comments or impressions I may have about this task and to taste their performance on a 5point scale 5being good and1 being poor and to send my assignment along with my report and copies of the receipts to [email protected] to ADEL MARCUS, MBA . But a red flag went up when they said not to tell the post office that I was doing an eval on them and to buy money orders and leave them blank and to mail then to another agent to complete the assignment so I thought I would check out the credit union to make sure it was a real credit union and it was but the address didn’t match the check address so then I knew that it wasn’t nothing but a scam and so I contacted these people and said my bank won’t cash the check because the address isn’t the same as on the check and they text me back saying that’s silly and to shred the check and then text me again BYE so I’m letting you people at the know about this scam!!!

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