Preferred senior resources

Jeremiah –

Victim Location 27215

Type of a scam Phishing

I am doing a project on resources for veterans. I found this resource online and began investigating it. Strangely..considering it says They do face to face consultations, there was no address listed anywhere. I called the "company" and no one answered. I got a call back a few minutes later from a Colorado area code saying "Hey did you just call"…not a very professional thing to say. I said I’m sorry to bother you..I was trying to see what the address is to your company. The woman said "oh well I’m walking out my door..I’ll call you later." She hung up! She never called was very odd. And, even more odd that it is just her and she doesn’t have an address listed or wouldn’t explain anything. I would hate for a veteran to be scammed. Please follow up with this. I wrote a Google review to warn others and she said I was lying!

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