Precious Schnauzers

Kristine –

Victim Location 92592

Total money lost $730

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Claimed to be legitimate puppy breeder. Deposit made & payments made but no puppy sent.

Taylor –

Victim Location 37724

Type of a scam Phishing

I was looking for a mini schnauzer. I found the website and contacted the seller via email. They had the puppies listed for $550. I wanted to see the animal first and they asked for a $250 deposit on the puppy and would place me on the list. I was preparing to drive four hours. They told me I would get my agreement and address once they recieved the deposit. They wanted money through PayPal Friends and Family. I offered through Goods and Services, just in case. They denied wanting that form of payment and told me to go buy a Walmart gift card instead. I was to buy it and send them a picture of the reciept and code from the scratch off. I called them out on the scam and they told me to*** ***

Candice –

Victim Location 03908

Total money lost $2,599

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Dear Sir or Madam,

After losing our schnauzer earlier this year we felt it was time to look for another one. I found the Precious Schnauzers online and the price was great, puppies on sale 1/2 price for the month. I contacted them and I finally decided on Moly. After going back and forth with emails I was told to pay for her via ay pal. But before payment he sent me a Sales Agreement he had signed and I signed and sent back to him.

I hadn’t used pay pal this way and had to sign up and had a bit of trouble but finally figured it out. Julian Thomas was the contact person and he told me to not use the Precious Schnauzer email he sent me his email [email protected] and I used that to pay for the dog.

I then received this note from him:

Hello ***,

here is the tracking number for the shipping : *** You are suppose to search the tracking number on the shipping website which is as follows.

Make sure the shipping information is accurate to avoid any mistake and also you will notice the status says pending , that is because Moly has not yet checked in, once she checks in and boards a flight ,the shipping company will contact you with the flight information’s .

Note that if the weather is not conducive tomorrow, the shipping may still be postponed

I then watched this site for the flights; the screen shot for all the flight info is below.

So I contacted Mr.Thomas and he told me that I needed to pay $499 for the crate. I told him I couldn’t afford it and he told me that it was refunded when I get the puppy and paperwork.

I was told to use Western Union and was given this information for the person to pick it up. Email below:

Dear Client,

Accept greetings from the entire staff of Safe Pet Transport Company

This is a report regarding your Female Mini Schnauzer puppy which has to be shipped to Maine


*** In order to pay for the crate,you are suppose to send payment by Western Union using with the name and address:

The reason you are using this form of payment is to ensure an easy refund after you receive your puppy .

Name: *** *** Address: *** *** *** *** City:***

State:North Carolina

Zip Code:28216


Thanks for using our service .



Did as I was asked and I got a message the received the payment.

I then got an email stating that I need to pay for USDA paperwork for the sum of $1400 email below:

Dear Madame,

Accept greetings from the entire staff of Safe Pet Transport Company

This is a report regarding your Female Mini Schnauzer puppy which has to be shipped to Maine


*** We wish to inform you that your puppy is on Transit at JFK Int’l Airport and after after undergoing checks ,the animal care service department at the airport requested the presentation of a USDA pet and livestock

certificate which states and certify’s that you are allowed to bring a puppy into the state of Maine from another state .

So we require that you send us a scan copy of your USDA certificate if you have one so that your puppy can get back on its flight .

If you do not have this certificate, you will have to undergo a refundable scheme below so that we can process the certificate immediately.


Duration :2 Years



Duration:1 Year



Duration:6 Months


You are suppose to choose your desired package above in order to process the certificate and get your puppy on board .

We advise you to choose the Category C which is cheaper and will serve the purpose right now .

As specified above its a refundable scheme so you will be refunded upon delivery of your dog .

Note that if you do not present the USDA certificate your dog will be quarantined because it will be considered illegal .

In order to pay for the USDA Certificated processing , you are suppose to use the following informations .

Payment is done by WESTERN UNION to enable an easy refund .

Name:Gali Timothy

Address: 1111 Metropolitan Ave # 100


State:North Carolina

Zip Code:28204

Amount:$1400USD (Refundable Against Delivery)

Pickup Option:In Cash

You are suppose to send us a copy of the payment receipt once the payment is done,so that payment can be confirmed .

Thanks for using our services


Once again I did as requested.

We were told that due to being late that the puppy would be delivered to our home the next day. We never received the puppy.

Realized we were really scammed when I asked my daughter to reach out to the website and tell them that she was interested in a couple of puppies and could they send pictures, I asked her to include Moly and sure enough she got the photos of Moly and if she was really sold she would not have been available. I have my emails and contact if this helps.

The pet transportation is a fake site as well!

Do you know of any way to get any of my money back?

Please get the word out there so that no one has to go through this


*** ***

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