PR Debt Compliance

Veronica –

Victim Location 48888

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Ken Wilson is the name the guy uses that keeps calling and leaving me messages. I talked to him on Monday Oct. 7th and he said I had an outstanding balance on a GE credit card. I’ve never in my life had that type of credit card. I told him that’s weird because I just recently payed off my credit cards and that one isn’t even listed on my credit report. He said well you are being sued and will have to stand in front of the judge and tell him that. After I hung up he ended up calling my work and leaving the same message I recieved earlier in the day. I ended up calling again on Tues Oct. 8th and was trying to get more information from them. It was a women that answered this time and was extremely rude and would not give me an address. She then hung up on me. I called back and another women answered. I told them this is a scam and they need to stop calling. She hung up on me again. I called back and another man answered so I hung up. Later on that day Ken Wilson called me back and left another robot type message. They need to be found and stop harassing me. They also need to stop calling my work too. I know they are trying to be aggressive so I’ll give in and pay but I won’t because I know it’s a scam. I just don’t want others to fall for this. I have also blocked their number but it still goes through because they use different extensions.

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