Power Testo Blast

Joy –

Victim Location 78504

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered a free trial of power testo blast 1 bottle for shipping only $4.99 (shipping). Offer did not state any membership, did not state that full charge of first bottle would be $89 if membership not cancelled within 14 days, and debit card charged after 2 weeks. I didn’t authorize the transaction so I disputed it and the charges were reversed. Debt collector just contacted me threatening negative impact to my credit if balance is not paid in full. I informed them that I only received one bottle and did not receive a second thinking the charge wasn’t for the first trial bottle since the cost was outrageous. I asked the representative to cancel the membership and please not to contact me again and I hung up. He proceeded to call again but I did not answer anymore.

Jacob –

Victim Location 29078

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I received a package of two bottle of pills in the mail. One was a muscle booster and the other a testosterone booster. I did not order either one of these items. I called the company to tell them that I had not authorized this purchase and they argued with me and told me I had to have made the order and that it couldn’t be fraud because what kind of fraud mails an item to the person. They told me they would not offer me the option of a refund. I did some research online and found other complaints about the same company mailing them something they never ordered and charging them for it. Luckily the initial charge was only around $10. I called my bank and they said they had dealt with similar complaints also and that often the company would initially do a small charge (free trial and you pay for shipping) and then later would charge a much larger amount. Luckily the bank reimbursed my $10. I have no idea how this company got my card information but I cancelled my card and threw the pills I was mailed in the trash.

Seth –

Victim Location 43731

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Do not order gopowernow… it is a scam and will charge ur credit card without your permission. When calling in to customer support, they are rude and hostile and will not offer refund… pressure you into agreeing to a 50% refund… just beware…

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