posting as public defender Reviews - posting as public defender Scam or Legit

Marco –

Victim Location 32526

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

someone called to say that He is my grandchild in trouble of a big carwreck. his nose is busted and also his lips was sutured. He is sitting in jail because when the accident happend , he was on his cellphone and the women involved was 7 months pregnant. He said he need to post a bail and the public defender will get in touch with me and He needs to hung up. He is using the payphone to call and his time was limited.HE ALSO SAID TO GET A PEN AND PAPER AND WRITE DOWN HIS CASE NUMBER and so I did just that ang he hung up the call ended. I was so nervous that I called my grandson!S father. My son said that he just drove my son to school and he is allright. I realized Im being scam. So when the person called posting as a public defender I told him before he can say much of anythin that he is a that point he hung up. I SEARCH the owner of the phone number that called me and it is originating from Philadelphia pensyvania, north 7th street. THE name we got wasGENA ZAPPULLA. i almost have a heart attack before I found out that it was a scam.

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