Posing as PrizeGrab

Todd –

Victim Location 16686

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Claims Management Officer at Prizegrab.com

Lives in San Francisco, California



so sorry Donald…I was cleaning a bit of a mess here this morning but wanted to say Hello back!

Also thank you for an awesome site!

Are you a fan of the prizegrab.com?

Sweepstakes & Giveaways – PrizeGrab

PrizeGrab – Daily Sweepstakes! You can win Cash Prizes, Electronics, TV’s, iPads, Gift Cards and More!


lol, use to be in all kinds of contests but with growing older and more to do just got back into the swing

but yes I do love the site…and at this very moment been entering…on the Treasure Hunt now

my cousin ribbed me and think she also is on this site and put a kick to my butt as it’s Christmas time…hehehe

You’re up awful early as see that your in CA…one of these days will make it there as I have friends and a co-worker from there

The reason why you were contacted today you are indeed with luck from our company, you were randomly selected in the grand prize giveaway using the Facebook system!!!!!!!..

not uhhh!! for real?

Yes indeed you have been selected to receive $350,000.00 also a bonus prize of a Samsung galaxy s7 set and 2016 range rover, all yours we would all like to say a big

congratulations to the for Winning the PRIZEGRAB 2016 Sweepstakes!!!!…

wait…is this a joke?

No joke

ummm….goosebumps going over but how do I know for real?

will it say that on the website?

I mean I don’t care if it has my name but to tell me this isn’t phony

What color balloons do you like!..? What color of rose do you like!!!….?

Balloons? well love purple and green…as for roses of course being a real woman..Red!

k, question while we are on here…I thought that PrizeGrab sent an email

Are you going to be home Monday for your delivery to take place ?

lol, wouldn’t I wish…I’m a working woman and customer care is top priority so boss wouldn’t want me staying home…hehehe.

Please verify your full name, full address, cell phone / house phone number and your zip code ! this is to have your winners form completed!!!

*** ** xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxx (no house phone line)

Do you know the reason why you are required to get your claimers receipt and how to get your claimers receipt!…?


Please note in order for us to get the confirmation process completed and have a date set for your your delivery to be successful, you are now required to accumulate

your claimers receipt

How would I do that Donald? And not to be rude, do you prefer Donald or Don or Mr. Douglas?

Any one

Wonderful. To get your claimers receipt you are required to locate a money-gram. Are you able to locate a money-gram ?

Just don’t like to offend is all as I really don’t know you and wouldn’t want to do that to you

and not sure if we have one around this area

Please note : You are required to have your claimers receipt accumulated at the money-gram, also you are required to have your claimers receipt is at a refunded cost

which will be refunded back to you double company policy when we get at your door with your big prize.

en have to find one in my area correct?

Okay your claimers receipt will be at a refundable cost of $429.99 for the insurance of the $350,000.00 to be insure in your name also to get your P-14 Form completed

an also the money that you will us to get your receipt will be refunded as soon as we arrive at your door, we are just here waiting on you to get your receipt now for us

to get the confirmation process completed!!!.

k, so then it looks like I’m on a mission to get this done

Can you get your receipt today

that I’m going to use Google to see if there is a nearby place. I can travel up to 50 miles so give me a few to check please

will you still be on if I message you

Is there a western union near you

that I think there may be at the Martin’s grocery store which is about 12 miles away

Can you go there now

It would take me time…if you remember when you first messaged I was in the process of cleaning a mess…my cat who we thought had a tumor went all thru the house and still washing everything up here

I assume you know how to use a western union right?

nope but quick learner

and I’m sure that the ladies there will help as they know me quite well

Okay I’m going to give instructions on what to do at the western union

thank you…

What time can you get to the money gram?

Western union I should say

well here it’s 10:40 but wouldn’t be able to until 2:30…there’s been a death and I have to go to the viewing which I cannot rush I would like to have the ability to leave earlier but since it’s family I will be driving my mom and aunt and will have to drop off before heading there


it’s the worse time to go thru this or anytime for that matter but this wasn’t expected after her surgery

Sorry about that

thank you…last few months been a battle as this now makes 9 funerals…3 of which have been immediate family…that’s why work worries about me as not sure if I’m

coping well feel free if I am not on to send an email as can get this done but if you’re not on want to make sure I can contact you


I’m going to give you the information to have it sent

thank you for all your help Donald


This is where I stopped the copying pasting as wanted PrizeGrab to check this out!!!

I then had this same person try calling twice thru Messenger on Facebook. He did have a website up under Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/donald.douglas.33821?fref=ts) and people there were already giving him there info such as phone#s. After not answering and going back to his Facebook it was taken down at about 11:48 A.M. Eastern Time.

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