George –

Victim Location 33801

Total money lost $77.48

Type of a scam Other

Poshmark is letting Scammers use ACCOUNTS on their website as well as PayPal and Gmail, by promising to sell fortnite accounts to kids. They let these Fosters scamming ripoff kids and their parents and after it’s reported to men they do nothing. They don’t get your money back, they don’t report the scammers to the proper authorities, they dont take down their accounts, they continue to let the scammers use bots on there and do business using their accounts. I thought scams involving money transfer but a federal offense in the United States I should be reported to the FBI.

Erik –

Victim Location 80111

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was using poshmark to buy clothing, and this girl told me to pay her on venmo, so i did but she never sent my swimsuit i ordered. She just kept my money and won’t get back to me.

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