Posh Puppies

Jon –

Victim Location 84078

Total money lost $5,955.74

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Sold me a puppy for $499.00. Posh Puppy www.posh-puppy.com [email protected]

Everything seemed fine until the shipping of the puppy. That is where everything went wrong. They refused to refund me for the puppy until I received it. They are in it together with the shipping company American Air Carriers. 804-435-5112 www.americanaircarriers.com [email protected] They notified me that the puppy had been shipped even gave me a date and time of delivery. Notified me that the puppy could not be shipped without a special heated crate due to the cold weather. Required me to pay a refunded deposit. $1,310.00. You pay the deposit thinking all is well, then you get another phone call and email stating that you are required to pay for vaccines in order for the puppy to cross state lines. $1,500.00. Refundable of course. If you pay they will say that because it took so long they had to keep the puppy overnight and with make you pay $1,500.00 for the puppies room and board. Refundable of course. If you do not pay they will threaten to charge you with animal abandonment and abuse for a puppy that you do not have to abuse or abandon. If you question or get upset with them they stop answering emails or phone calls. No refunds.

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