Polonilex Reviews - Polonilex Scam or Legit

Bruce –

Type of a scam Phishing

Poloniex is one of the largest online cryptocurrency markets in the world. They have a bona fide website at ‘Poloniex.com.’ However, some phishing scammers have created a website with a single extra "L" in the web address (Polonilex.com) that tries to get your login and e-mail credentials. One could stand to lose thousands if not millions of dollars by having his cryptocurrency stolen if fraudsters gained access to his Poloniex account information. To top it off, there’s a website called ‘Quora’ that falsely advertises a Poloniex Customer Support number (877-220-7407). The answering party is similarly not affiliated with Poloniex and also tries to get your Poloniex info.

In short, if you have any money stored on the Poloniex exchange, beware of fraudsters of all kinds.

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