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Chad –

Victim Location 19382

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via text message in regards to qualifying for an employment opportunity. Was approached saying my resume was viewed by HR and they would be interested in hiring me. Was told to reply with YES if interested, which I did. Was then asked if I had either Yahoo Messenger or Google Hangouts. Then was asked if I was able to meet that afternoon for a briefing and interview. I accepted, and attended the "briefing and interview", which was solely conducted through IM. There was no phone call or video call during this entire process. They presented the company and job description along with benefits and competitive salary. The job was presented as full-time/part-time with benefits after 4 weeks, and strictly online/work-from-home. This was for a clerical/accounting/data entry job. They then proceeded to ask 20 interviewing questions, of which I answered. After I completed said questions, I was told to hold while they forward my questions to the "Head Department" for review. After about 15 minutes they told me I was qualified and that they would like to hire me based off the interview. I was then told that I would receive a check to purchase accounting software through a source, which would be provided upon receiving the company check. I was informed that after I confirm that I had received the check, that they would send me a W-4 and additional HR paperwork which I should then sign, fill out, and mail back. Was also told that they would be sending me a company laptop, as they did not want me to do any of the work through my own personal computer. Ended the session with a proposal to meet the next morning…again on Google Hangouts. They asked for my full name, preferred email address, along with my address and phone number. No bank accounts were requested, and neither was my social security number. The following two days consisted of them verifying the information each day and telling me they sent my package with the check. They provided a tracking number through FedEx, which was real. I was also sent an offer letter via email, which I signed and emailed back. I received the package 3 days after initial contact, and inside was a cashier’s check through Citizens Bank for 1,700.00 and a letter of instruction. The format of the letter was poor (looked scanned/copied), and the spelling and grammar was even worse. Throughout the whole process, the quality of communication was poor with many grammatical errors and frankly sounded like English was the second language. There was an email that I was to contact to confirm that I had received the check. I sent a test inquiry email with one of my backup email addresses, and the domain was invalid ( and my email sent back with an failed request error. I contacted the "hiring agent" who I was in correspondence with, informing him of the suspicions I had, and demanded to speak (on the phone) with someone from the company. I had previously called the company they were posing under (via their phone number listed under Google), and reached a legitimate message service with prompts, and left two messages for both HR and general message. I had called them on the weekend, so they were closed; I have yet to hear from them (1 day after calling). Now, the phone numbers that I was told was HR calling, were completely different phone numbers and the area codes were off. I googled both numbers (because I was contacted 4 times from two different numbers), and both showed as invalid VOIP phone numbers. Upon picking up these calls, there was complete silence on the other line every time despite me answering the call and asking if anyone was there. I even tried calling them back, with no response. I have since messaged this person telling him that I was submitting a scam report, and he still insisted it was not a scam. Yet here I am.

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