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Matthew –

Victim Location 90007

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Rental

Basically me and Fiancé went there because they posted an ad onCraigslist stating this 1 bedroom For a cheap price when we called the number a man picked up and his name was Bernard he then explained that this service helps place people in apartments with a deposit of $200 but it’s guaranteed placement Me and my fiancé were very desperate we went through with it we drove all the way down there & they made us sign a whole bunch of papers looking just like a rental application with our personal information on there . They sent us home with multiple places to go look at but mind you we could not look inside until we let them know and they make The appointments for us . The next day I did a lot of research and found terrible reviews about this company so when Monday came I called them to let them know that I am not interested in their services anymore and that I would like a refund……… as soon as refund came out of my mouth a guy named Brian transferred me to customer service quickly . Customer service was not any help because they basically made up a lie stating that they told us something and that was never explain once we gave them our $200 . So we are basically out of $200 and they are hanging up in our face when we asked them for our deposit back and they would not pick up the phone . Their business needs to be shut down immediately only because there are multiple people that complained about their services and not being able to get their money back they are praying on desperate people in need . I really wish I looked at the reviews before handing them my money . They are doing false advertisement because I called multiple apartments that they have given me and each apartment company,landlord, management etc. told me that they don’t even know of the service and never heard of it . PLEASE PEOPLE DO NOT I MEAN DO NOT FALL FOR THIS … go somewhere else . Trust me please !!! Shut this business down immediately

Barry –

Victim Location 90291

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Rental

I found on craigslist an apartment rental advertising. I responded to the CL ad by calling the phone and was told to come to the rental office and pay $200.00 for the rental credit check. They had me fill out paperwork that included my social security number and other private information and that every week I would be updated with rentals for me to go drive by and to put in a deposit for an apartments. Meanwhile I found out directly from the actual management company of the apt rental I was looking at, that they are not affiliated with them. And they do not use this service for apt rentals. I am now getting many phone calls and text messages that appear to be compromising my financial credit as they have access to all my information that is personal and identifiable. I am concerned for identity theft now.

Kristin –

Victim Location 91801

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Rental

Platinum Consulting advertises their "properties" on craigslist as properties for rent. They charge clients a supposedly "refundable" $200 in order to match clients with homes for rent in the area they are interested in. If the client finds a home on their own accord, $140 of the $200 initially paid is refundable.

From my own experience, I found a home on my own accord, went into the office and followed their procedures to obtain a refund. The refund was signed off and I was supposed to see the money in the mail after my 90 days of service was concluded. I provided them with my current lease and everything else they needed. After 4 months from the initial service date, I have not received my refund.

On Oct. 19th, I spoke to a man named Chris who said I should have received the refund through the mail a month ago. He said he’d call me back about it and never called back. I called back a few times and I cannot seem to talk to Chris anymore. Natalie, another employee, now has told me that I am unable to obtain the refund as I have not continued to receive updates on properties after I signed the refund form. According to the company, they have made it clear that even if I had found a property on my own accord, I still had to continue to receive updates from their company twice a week up until the 90 days was up. When I went into the office to sign the refund form, Natalie, the same woman, told me no further action is needed on my end and to wait until the 90 days were up to receive a refund.

If more information is needed, you can see hundred of other patrons that have experienced the same scam and recount their experiences on Yelp:

Phillip –

Victim Location 90039

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Rental

I just cannot believe how this is a scamming company that is still in business and our law enforcement has not stopped this.

They have you sign a non refundable $200 contract promising they will find you an apartment for rent. However the false verbal agreement the employees have with customers states that the "$200 dollars are refundable in the case that you do not rent a unit." They create bogus listings that they steal from Craigslist and other reputable companies such as They have customers drive to view the rental property only from a outside/street view and perspective and ask that we do not contact tenants, managers or owners of the property. They do not turn in applications to the properties and do not make an attempt to find or allocate you into a rental unit as they promise to do in exchange for a non refundable $200 fee.

Adriana and June and a few others that work at the Rosemead location are a professional, fraudulent, scheming team that create revenue supported by business malpractice for almost a decade. Operating with suspended/restricted/revoked licenses and business permits, this company takes advantage of those who fall for their lies and false promises. They have an extensive and vast history of violating several penal codes, and state laws that protect its citizen’s from these type of fraudulent practices that continue to take place.

Platinum Consulting just takes ur money and steals your personal, confidential information that they supposedly need to start the process. They do not actually offer or render any type of service for their $200 non-refundable fee.

This fraudulent company has been sued successfully many times. The LA Times has an article about this scheming company.…

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