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Anna –

Victim Location 94103

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I had received a letter in the mail and regards to participating in a mystery shopper experience which came certified mail and it came with a directions on my job which included purchasing three money orders in the amount of 700 dollars from Walmart and i was then supposed to go to a different Walmart to survey employees and I was to keep the remaining balance for my services. I received a check in the amount of $2,595 now I had applied for mystery shopping jobs on the mystery shopping app called ishopper and mystery shopper so I’m thinking when this happened thatthe package was in it response to the applications i filled out online for me to be a mystery shopper I contacted the number on the letter and I sent julie a text stating that I received the assignment and they contacted me back right away .I had received the initial package Friday August 16th 2019. I explained to the manager julie that I had to wait until Monday to go to my bank branch which is Citibank to deposit the funds which I deposit the funds and I let her know that I deposited the check. Citibank gave me a payment the same day of $10 which was on Monday August 19th 2019 . Today August 20th 2019 I only took out $40 because my bank was to pay me my payment and payments as follows I was to get $10 today I deposited which I did then I was to get $200 the next day which I did there tomorrow I was to get $400 which I haven’t received yet and then Thursday would have been the remainder $2,100 so I tried to use my debit card for my bank and I was told that it was issues with my card I didn’t try to log on to my Citibank online account and I needed to be authenticated which didn’t make any sense so I called the bank and they explain to me the basically this was a fraud and they feel like I’m responsible for this I’ve had my whole Citibank checking account deleted because of this this is not fair I was scammed I had no idea I thought it was a legitimate job and I need help.

Todd –

Victim Location 77047

Type of a scam Employment

they contacted me through text message followed by an email regarding an employment. They then sent me a letter about a funds that needs to be deposited for me to use for the job. (mystery shopper to Apple store) i am still receiving text messages through my phone. A cashiers check was sent to me for the amount of $1950.00.

Tina –

Victim Location 78132

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

On January 29, I received an email purporting to be from Job Placement and Student Services at Tarleton State University. Seeing that the email address appeared to be legitimate, I clicked on the link an was taken to (listed at the bottom of their pngage as Sights on Service, Inc., Inglewood, CA 93001) I proceeded to look over the site, and even though I was skeptical, I clicked through and applied.

On February 15, I received an email from George Taylor ([email protected]) informing me I had been hired and that my survey packet would be arriving via U.S.P.S.

On February 16, I received the packet to find a survey form and a “Cashier’s Check” for $2935 ($2500 to purchase two *** Store gift cards and the balance as my pay for the mystery shop). Again, I felt skeptical, but I deposited the check via mobile deposit. I figured I would be safe since I did not have much in the account and I knew there would be a hold placed on the check until it cleared (or not).

On February 19, I received an email from my bank informing me there would be a nine-day hold on the check. I texted the person I had as a “local” contact (972-499-5807) to let him know about the hold and he told me to go ahead and do the shop as soon as the check cleared.

On February 22, I spoke with my bank who informed me the check was fake and would not clear.

On February 28, I received another text inquiring if I had performed the shop yet. I will be responding back to the text later today.

Terrance –

Victim Location 28650

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Sent email through college email. Applied. Sent check with first assignment to purchase high dollar Apple GCs..then want you to take pic of receipt and codes on GC. Will pay you $300. DONT DEPOSIT CHECK THEY SEND!! It will clear then the bank will realize it’s fake a few days later after you spend it on GCs. Felt fishy so I googled it and scam showed up everywhere.

Theresa –

Victim Location 70653

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Offer of being a mystery shopper. Website has accredited picture on it, but cannot find it on the site. Sent $2870.00 cashiers check for me to cash purchase 2 Apple store gift cards. Send them a picture of receipts and scratched off gift card numbers. Check is from FRost bank in San Antonio, TX. Called to verify check and was told it was fraudulent. My pay out of the deal was supposed to be $300, but if I cashed check and did job in two days I would get $50 more. Supposed to text company when I deposited check to “release the payment”.

Andres –

Victim Location 02370

Type of a scam Employment

I was sent an email by a "fellow student" from my school saying that there were survey recruitment for survey takers. It was a mystery shopping opportunity, saying I could make up to $600 weekly. It said to visit to learn more. I did that and then got a check for $2,880 in the mail and an assignment to shop at Apple. Also, the return address on the package received was from a Super 8 in Texas. When I researched the company, I found very little descriptive information.

Anna –

Victim Location 76123

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by this company using my school’s credentials as a reference for job search. When I accepted what I thought was a job offer as a secret shopper they immediately sent me a check for $2950 and instructing me to deposit the check and make specified purchases at my local Apple store. This verified my initial skepticism that this was a hoax. I did NOT deposit the check or make any purchases and did not have further contact with the company or it’s representatives.

Nina –

Victim Location 23602

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This company contacted me through a college email address and I answered thinking it may be legit. The message said they were looking for mystery shoppers through the college. All of a sudden I receive a check in the amount of $2950.00 in the mail with a one-page instruction sheet telling me to go to an Apple store first purchase two gift cards that I will buy computers with and someone will pick them up there; then I keep money in my account as a commission. I immediately knew this was a scam.

If you get a check, do not deposit it. They are hoping that you will complete your transaction at the store before the bank or CU realizes the check is fake. Your bank account will ultimately be charged for this. Block all email and phone numbers associated with this and turn the information over to the police.`

Sophia –

Victim Location 39573

Type of a scam Employment

A few weeks ago I received an email from someone using an email address from my school claiming there was a job offer with a link to an application form. The original email had credentials listed as if they were part of my school’s financial services office. I filled out the application and later received an email from a "Thomas Hoovers" for mystery shopping. I decided to check if I could find out any information online about the company he claimed to be from, Pinnacle Customer Metrics, and noticed the website appeared very generic and the copyright information at the bottom of the page was out of date. I used to see if it was just a copy of another website, and found a 49% match and another that was 98%. The 98% website was identical but had and MSPA accreditations listed that weren’t included on That was enough information for me to understand what was going on.

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