Pets Relocation Atlanta Reviews - Pets Relocation Atlanta Scam or Legit

Matthew –

Victim Location 97330

Total money lost $730

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My disabled daughter can’t sleep at night so she was looking at the website for little dogs called She e-mailed them and they responded with stating they felt sorry for her and would give her a puppy normally worth $1500.00, for $500.00. I checked the website and it looked pretty good. Even some customer comments with pictures. I now notice that they give no home address or phone number and only correspond by e-mail.

My daughter and they kept corresponding by e-mail and she begged us to buy her a mini pomeranian puppy. We haven’t see her that excited for years and gave in, sending the company $730.00 for the puppy and for the flight and delivery charges.

The next morning, she got an urgent call from a foreign-sounding man stating that the papers were not quite right and that they needed us to Western Union them an additional $1500.00 for insurance and a shipping crate.

I immediately got suspicious. I called the number on the e-mails they sent my daughter and it was obvious that the call was going foreign and I talked with a male who was definitely Indian. I asked about them and then asked where he was located. No answer. I asked if he was in India. No answer. Obvious to me then that it was a scam.

The saddest thing is that this was something that made my daughter the happiest she had been in years, so you can imagine the aftermath of knowing she was scammed and cost her parents all that money for nothing. Her life is already difficult enough.

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