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Peter Hudson, The AC1 Group, Inc Reviews, Check Peter Hudson, The AC1 Group, Inc Scam or Legit
Morgan –

Victim Location 76542

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received an e-mail asking me to become a Mistery/Secret Shopper at a local store, (see below):

We have a customer service survey assignment in your location and we will pay $ 288 per assignment.

Which would come in the form of a cashiers check for you to perform your assignment.

The job entails an Evaluation process such as visiting Wal-mart/K-mart,e.t.c

Send below information to get started If you are still Interested Applicants are to forward Information below:

> Name: ______

> Your Address: ______

> C.i.t.y: ______

> S.t.a.t.e: ______

> C.o.d.e Zip: ______

> Phone: ______

> Age/Gender: ______

Thanks for the Participation


Jessica Lambert


After a series of messages with S Craig Lindner, I received the following message:


In your acceptance of your employment offer earlier and to tell you how delighted we are to take receipt of your proposal. We feel confident that you can make a significant contribution to the corporation and we are grateful for the opportunity you have given us. Se[censored]dings Corporation is an American holding company. It is the owner of retail store brands Sears and Kmart, and was founded after the latter purchased the former in 2005.

As we discussed, there have been reports about laps in the management services in some part of the state and some staffs; the complaints were based on the reports from our unhappy clients and calls which were also made to the head office due to negligence and businesses need to think up new ways of attracting customers.

Our goal and function is to sovereign the laps in our company and overturn services about complains, slow services, rudeness to customers, excess charge and late opening time and closing before time. Your secret evaluation survey is to monitor and supervise the Ambiance & Outlook of the Shop & Outlet, smartness of the attendant, customer service professionalism and reaction of personnel under pressure. We don’t allow our staff to use their money upfront for any reason carrying out the survey assignment that is the reason we’re issuing out payment in check from the company to enable and covers all expenditures including evaluation, shopping and transport.

You will be receiving your first evaluation payment from the office next week. Kindly look out for it and if your package did not get to you before the end of next weekend, kindly notify me either by sms or email so i can locate your package.


S. Craig Lindner

Task Coordinator

Contact Info: ((815) 862-2746) (TEXT) 24 hours

I was surprised by the incorrect grammar, but decided to follow up. ! then received a Priority mail from a Peter Hudson, which included a Cashier’s Check for $3,891.15 from Old Second Bank in Aurora, Illinois. Remitter was Stephen Kapitanoff. I contacted the Bank, and they informed me the check was counterfeit, and asked me not to cash the check.

I did follow up the message and confirmed receipt of the bank, to continue the plot, and turn over to the local Police Department.

Within 5 minutes, I received the following response:

Read below carefully for assessment mandate and guideline



S. Craig Lindner

2:00 PM (4 minutes ago)

to me

Images are not displayed. Display images below – Always display images from [email protected]


Attn: Esteemed Agent,

The check payment enclosed in envelope is made out to you in respect of the Se[censored]dings survey job you applied for online. Your job is just to act like any regular customer and perform a normal business transaction while you conduct a simple survey/ evaluation (without being noticed) and gather information about the quality of service by staff, customer service professionalism, behaviour of staff and other issues at such locations.

Your First evaluation will be on any participating retail store near you (Wal-Mart, Kroger, CVS, Kmart, Barclay Jewelers, Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Food 4 Less*, Foods Co, Fred Meyer, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Fry’s Food and Drug, Gerbes, JayC, King Soopers, Littman Jewelers, Owen’s, Pay Less Supermarkets, QFC, Ralphs, Ruler Foods, Smith’s Food and Drug, kwik Shop, Quik Stop, etc). There have been reports about extinct products, unqualified staff, slow processes and lapse in the services of some of their staff and management. This evaluation is necessitated based on reports which their customers forwarded anonymously and phone calls which were also made to the head office. This is an undercover survey so it is imperative that you keep confidential and remain as calm as possible so as to guarantee an unbiased survey.

The check for $3891.15, you are to cash or make a next day deposit at your bank, deduct $300 as your commission. After cashing the check, you are required to text “LOCATION “to (859) 488-1652 or email [email protected] to receive the specific address of the business location you will be evaluating. You will then proceed to the location to conduct your survey as instructed. Make use of $41 for your transportation and expenses.

NOTE 1: Kindly note that you are to deposit the check at your bank

NOTE 2: Once you have deposited and cash the check at your bank, kindly email or text me so I can provide the banking information with any of our available bank service around you to make the CASH DEPOSIT to complete the assignment at either WELLS FARGO, BANK OF AMERICA, CHASE BANK, SUN-TRUST, ATLANTIC CAPITAL and US BANK close to you. Noted you do not need to open an account in any of these listed banks to make the CASH DEPOSIT


Money Received ……. $3,891.15

Assignment Salary ……. $300

Expenses & Transportation …………. $41

While using Banking services to send the balance of $3550 to any of our Se[censored]dings agent detail given to you by me using CASH DEPOSIT at the banks above while conducting a survey in the process.


You are to have the check cashed at your bank before proceeding with the cash to conduct the survey at the location given to you. As a secret shopper your job is to observe anything useful going on in the outlet. Make sure you observe everything you see in there because you would be asked some other questions when you return.

You are required to perform the survey evaluation (without being noticed) while you transact like a regular customer.

– Take down the address of the store visited

– Time of the day

– Ambient outlook of the Store

– How many Cashiers can you count at the store?

– Note if the Cashier is wearing a name tag. If yes, take down the name without being noticed

– Gender and age bracket of the Cashier

– How friendly, helpful and professional is the cashier

– Narrate your total experience and any other information you would like to add


You are to remain calm and confident during the process of the assignment so as not to arouse any suspicion of a survey. You will be entitled to a bonus of $100 which would be included with your pay for your next assignment if you can complete the survey with 24 hours. Ensure that you use your discretion to make sure you complete your evaluation. Check your email (either inbox or spam folder) for updates and acknowledge receipt of email and package. Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

S. Craig Lindner

Task Coordinator

Contact Info: (859) 488-1652 (TEXT) 24 hours

Email: [email protected]

Copyright (c) 2016

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