Pet Express Transportation and Service Reviews - Pet Express Transportation and Service Scam or Legit

Brett –

Victim Location 60133

Total money lost $340

Type of a scam Other

I was looking for bearded dragons on nice color so I could have a companion with my other bearded dragon. I found them on Facebook, talked to them for a day, did some research. Didn’t find anything suspicious when I did my searches. Contacted person said I’d take the 2 beardies he wanted to get rid of, sent them money. The next day got an email saying I needed to wire them some more money for a insurance fee for the beardies to be able to fly here and be delivered. After looking into what they had stated and contacting a couple of friends who have shipped animals from different states from moving, they have never heard of this. I asked for a refund and they just kept telling me that I can get my pets as soon as I gave them the insurance and that is was 100% refundable and that if I didn’t I would be sued for leaving my pets at the airport in Maryland. I don’t even live anywhere close to that to even be responsible for something like that. Since I have turned them down again on giving them more money, I haven’t heard from them again. All the research I have done, I never thought this would have happened.

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