Christopher –

Victim Location 95823

Type of a scam Employment

i signed up with this company , they sent me a job offer online i responded to the email, it is a shipping and receiving position, i receive packages and the company send me a shippin label via email i print the label and send the package , however on payday no funds . im still waiting to be paid

Dawn –

Victim Location 39335

Type of a scam Employment

"PD Co" sent an email stated that they reviewed my resume that I had posted online. The job was for Operations (Logistics) Manager. I had to do an employment app using co-som.com. Once it was received they would send a contract. The contract was emailed the next day (I now can’t even access it). I filled it out and sent in 2 proofs of ID (big no no) (I fear my information may be used now), they email me the control panel with my login and password. I started receiving packages and labels to send different things to people. After my so called probation period I was suppose to receive a starting pay of $2650 plus a $25 bonus for every package I sent off within 12 hours. I would then receive $3300 split every 2 weeks. I completed my probationary period and my payday came and went. I tried to call but no answer and some of the contacts would even hang up before it rang. I finally started to smarten up and started searching "PD Co scam" and came across other people who had the same experience. I logged into the control panel and opened a ticket and let them know I wanted to "terminate employment" and to stop sending packages to my home. I, also, sent back packages I had not mailed. I’m so embarrassed that I even fell for something like this but I was trying to support my family. They have not replied to terminate employment message and that is totally fine with me. I now just have to watch my credit and banking accounts because even though they NEVER received any personal information other than my address, you just never know. It may be all they need. Thank God I have not lost any money!!!…so far. Also, be warned they market as a work from home company which is why it didn’t alarm me that I received calls from NY and CA and the company was suppose to be based out of GA. I now know that is scam-land for these 3 states!

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