Paul Gonzalez Attorney

Brian –

Victim Location 30044

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

My father (90 y/o) in GA received a phone call this morning (10/3/19) at approx 11:30 am from someone sounding like his grandson saying he had a car wreck & was in jail and he needed bail money. He instructed my father to call Attorney Paul Gonzales for instructions. My father called the “Attorney” and he described a bad car wreck but his grandson was in jail for reckless driving, had injured a 5 month pregnant lady that was hospitalized and he needed him to wire $8,950 immediately to get him out. He gave a case # and wiring instructions to a Ladies bank account in North Carolina. They hyped up the condition & the urgency. My father called me and I was able to verify my son was ok.

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