Reviews - Scam or Legit

Tina –

Total money lost $216

Type of a scam Other

I went to renew my sons passport googled Canadian passport renewal. started completing the forms. I didn’t realize it wasn’t the actual government website until I received an email stating they would charge me $216.96 for passport assistance. I immediately called the number and tried to cancel it. They would then charge me $75 to cancel it. I had no idea what it was for, the forms look just like the government website. Apparently once you fill it out they will look after mailing it for you for $216.96. Now they have all my passport info and credit card they are not nice to deal with and were very smug almost happy that they scammed another.

Tried to cancel the payment through the credit card it wouldn’t let me because I had un knowingly agreed to the payment witch I thought was for the passport I didn’t not state the amount or I would of clued in sooner.

I’m very disappointed this website pops up first before the Canadian government passport website, and now they have all my sensitive information.

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