Pain National

Rebecca –

Victim Location 78666

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Caller knew my full name, birthdate, address. Told me he was calling to offer me a back and knee brace from a pain management group and would be paid for by Medicare. He even knew the last 4 digits of my Medicare # ( which is my ss #). Said my Dr. probably authorized it. He asked my height and weight for the braces and other medical info. Hr told me the call was being recorded to prove it wasn’t a scam. What’s crazy is that I even answered the call and also some of his questions, even though the answers were not exactly correct. I realized the Medicare # he was using is the old #, not my new one. When I looked up these free brace scams and found they are fraud against Medicare and that Medicare is being charged for them I knew I needed to report this. Lesson learned!! The guy said his “name” is JP and he gave the above phone number for me to call back and check the validity of the offer.

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