Packing Plus LLC

Calvin –

Victim Location 30281

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email out of the blue from a company for a position I had never applied to or heard of for a logistics manager six days ago. Everything seemed legit at first, I responded back to the email. I then received a response back from the company with a job description. I received a pdf application for employment along with the job description. I was told that I would have a direct contact person in case of any questions or concerns. I then received a call for a phone interview. The lady told me my background came back, and that I was in good-standing. I was then told I would be receiving a payment form with the job offer form. She needed a copy of my drivers license the following morning to inform the HR department. I then began to ask questions. I called the number back, they had a Nashville, TN number and a physical address that I acquired about, which I later found out was bogus. The company name would not come up in the Google search engine and a false facebook page was found with their name on it. It had absolutely no information on the page. I called the BBB and spoke to someone to inquire about the information I found to be suspicious. I was then told that this was fraudulent, which I had suspected all along.

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