Pacific Metals Imposter

Alexis –

Victim Location 76063

Total money lost $27,835

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Started with an email asking if we would be interested in handling customer service for Pacific Metals as there US representative. We had to send some info in to be approved. We were approved. I was skeptical at first. We had some conversations and had a level of comfort. We received an email with an invoice attached. Told us to contact Cartu Financial Management and they would be sending us a check for goods purchased. The invoice was attached. A couple of days later we received a check from a company called QEP drawn on Bank of America. We were to deposit the check and wire $27,800 to Pacific Metals. We contacted Bank of America and showed them the check. They said the check was good. Waited for 3 days to make sure check cleared before we wired funds. Our bank told us funds were good. Wired funds next day check came back. We were scammed.

Waiting to see if bank can recover any of the money.

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