PA Advertising

Ashleigh –

Victim Location 65211

Total money lost $270

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Luke Golata from PA Advertising reached out to me via email on behalf of Paintball USA. Luke was offering a promotion to the organizations on my university’s campus for $6 tickets to play paintball at a nearby field. These tickets were to include the rental of the paintball equipment necessary to play. Upon purchasing 60 tickets, I paid Luke $360.00 by providing my credit card information over the phone. Later on, I decided to only purchase 45 tickets, and Luke refunded me $90. This seemed like the company was very easy to work with at this point. After receiving the paintball tickets, I noticed a disclaimer that said a purchase of roughly $25 was necessary per person to use them. This would exceed the cost of just paying to play paintball, making the tickets a huge waste of money. I then called the local paintball field where I was promised these tickets could be used, and they informed me that they had never heard of Paintball USA or PA Advertising. This means that I was scammed $6 per paintball voucher since they cannot even be used. I told Luke I wanted my money back and I returned the tickets he sent. Luke promised he already refunded the money but never actually did. I have not received any of the $270 I was supposed to receive back from PA Advertising.

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