Carl – Sep 18, 2020

Victim Location 28115

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

What Happened

we were looking at puppies to adopt and we contacted these individuals because we were eager to adopt a shiba inu into our family. we were told to pay for everything via wire transfer through western union and were told to pay through walmart to walmart money transfer in order to finalize everything, but the emails became more skeptical and we never could get a hold of them in person, they only contacted through email and they tried to phone call me but there was no one on the other line when I picked up the phone. we payed 800 through western union and 700 for walmart to walmart. the individuals characteristics were kind of to the point, only answered during certain hours and tried to assure me that they wanted everything to do with making sure that I received the dog i was wanting to adopt. they also used a wesbite called https://petsrelocationservices.com/flight-tracker/# in order to track our adopted dog but then they tried telling me that i need to rent a bigger crate because the other one wasnt adequate enough. they wanted me to send a copy of the receipt from the money sent and a copy of the receipt for the wire transfer through western union. when i tried calling them, there was no voice mail but a place for a voicemail message. the phone was never answered from either phone number i used no matter how many times i tried calling but they would reply back saying that their services are being weird and finnicky. Their names that were given to us is Ricky Nowbray, Shaun Melton, Linda Leishman.

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