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Tommy – Feb 15, 2021

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Ordered a Funko PoP threw Amazon. Did not receive on time, then Amazon emailed me it. Said it was running late and gave new delivery date. Still did not show up. Said it was coming UPS and gave me a tracking number for it. Contacted UPS, fake tracking number. They said they have never received it either. Called Amazon and they could not find any information on what happen to it, so now they are trying to find out. Ordered this on November 30,2020 and Now it is Feb. 15,2021

Bridget – Feb 15, 2021

Well, ordered a Funko PoP back in November 2020 from Amazon. Was to be here Feb. 3,2021, then a notice it was running late. Call back by a certain date if it did not arrive. Never did. Said it was coming UPS , checked with them and it has not even arrived there. Called Amazon they have no updated info , and NOW will look in to it. Really ? They should of done that when it did not arrive on time the first time. I expect better from Amazon. After seeing all these reports , why is Amazon still trying to sell their products ?

Toni – Dec 10, 2020

This horrible my daughter order a tiffany doll from chucky from NYC Collectibles..she only 15 yr old work jobs to save up and said would be here and nothing. How can NYC Collectibles take from child 534.00 dollars from child how can live with your self .a child who worked jobs ..u are most horrible company…I want daughter money asap or her doll …

Regina – Dec 10, 2020

She order on Amazon and I talk Amazon said be here today and nothing u are worst company NYC Collectibles

Courtney – Nov 30, 2020

I am working with an Amazon representative on this currently. Because I called within the time frame they can help me…if you wait the six months NYC Collectables stats you get ripped off❗️Buyers be ware❗️What I don’t understand is why Amazon has not discontinued them from selling on their site❗️

Angel – Apr 27, 2020

Victim Location 90028

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Online Purchase

BEWARE. This is a seller on Amazon that works the system and takes your money! Everyone on Amazon is saying the same thing. They also operate another online retailer here on Amazon called PigglyToyVille, probably more fake store fronts, I can’t be sure. I bet this fraudulent seller has already had this review striked out by tagging it as “The fulfillment issues with this order were not due to the seller”. LIES, LIES, LIES. All the positive feedback? Left by these liars themselves! Look at the comments! They’re not even original, at least lie well in your own scam reviews. I placed an order March 6th in the evening. 10 minutes later I requested cancellation due to the price being higher than just about anywhere else on the internet. The next day they created a fake shipping label and sent me an email stating that the item had already shipped. How can you ship a prerelease? So many people here have said the same thing I’m going to say. They create a fake shipping label and TAKE YOUR MONEY. They then wait out the period you’re allowed to wait to dispute the credit charge. Dispute with your credit card regardless, call Amazon and complain. DON’T LET UP. They should be ashamed of themselves. They’re based in Arizona but I can’t find their actually LLC (if they even have one).

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