Website: nssmdx.com
Roberto – Dec 17, 2020

Are you getting customer service emails from “[email protected]” This email address links in to a host of other companies that are scamming people in the US, England, France and Germany and probably elsewhere too. There are multiple Chinese companies with names like YT Network Technology Co LTD (others I found have different first letters like: JKY, IFSL, SHIXI, LEITE, CMH, etc.) YT is doing business as “Superyung” and advertising “Stihl” battery powered chainsaws. They deliver a manual chain with nylon handles! Then, when you submit a dispute to Paypal or your Credit Card Company [email protected] takes over customer service using a Zendesk customer service application and the name “Pony Green”. Pony offers you discounts, increasing with each email message, to keep the product that you did not order and tells you returning it will be very expensive ($20 for an item for which you paid $29.99 plus $8 shipping) because you need to return it to China.
In my case the company did not have permission to sell the “Stihl” chainsaw or to use its name and images. Stihl has been notified and is consulting with the authorities
The horror here is that they just keep creating new companies and offering different products using the same scam! It will take a lot more than messages on websites to crack down on these goons!

Melody – Aug 12, 2020

Victim Location 27703

Total money lost $114.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

During Quarantine I decided to find an activity that I could grow in while we are all spending some time at home. As Tik Tok has been growing, I came across a tik tok of women roller skating and I decided I wanted to purchase my first pair of skates. I immediately went to google and without doing any research I unfortunately clicked on the first website that is called (nssdmx.com). After a while of my skates not having any update on the shipping I reached out and asked if I could please cancel my order after 3 days I got a reply telling me to be patient because of the recent hot sales. I was very confused because I clearly stated in my email that I wanted to cancel. This is when I decided to google their reviews to see if anyone else was having any issues, and it came to find out that this website is a scam, and fake. They are falsely advertising their roller skates, especially on the refund policy that clearly states on their website if an order has not been shipped and you request it to be cancelled you will get a full refund. l would really just like to see some justice in this situation. Thank you so much have a great day.

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