NRP Associates

Manuel – Aug 19, 2020

They keep call me saying my husband is gonna get arrested over a loan they keep harrising me. Name Nathan wineburg. And some guys named Frank if this is a scam I want it stopped

Albert – Aug 20, 2020

Victim Location 44515

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Renee from NRP Associates (855-325-9118) called my cell phone claiming the sheriff tried to serve me court papers to an address that I haven’t been at in ten + years but they got them back. She proceeds to tell me that I took out a cash advance on 11-2-08 and it charged off 7-31-09. She even had the people I used as references. She said my sister’s name, a relative by the name of which I never use and said my mother;s name. The address she gave me "where I was served" was not even the address I lived at during the time of this "loan". She told me the loan was taken out with Advance America. I said really because that is the company I work for and there is no way employees can take out loans. She started naming off different cash advance companies and asking if I had ever been to them. I replied, no. She gave me the original loan number of this said loan. My boss was running the loan number in our system and it came back with no records. I asked for validation of the date but then didn’t want her to have my current address because at that point I already knew it was a scam. I told her I would do some research and then call her back when I felt comfortable with the situation. I called her back within 5 minutes, she answered the phone hello (instead of a company) I said whose this. It’s Renee. What sheriff served me these papers so I can call and ask them about it and give them my correct address. She asked me to hold while she accessed that information in my file. About 5 minutes passed and she started pushing buttons in my ear. I said I’m not on hold anymore I can hear you pushing buttons. The phone was hung up about 30 seconds later. I got home from work and googled their phone number. The results came back to being a scam. I called NRP Associates and got a voicemail saying they were busy and to leave a message, but the voicemail is full and you can not.

Lawrence –

The number they call me from is a 866 number

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