Not sure if just FB

Not sure if just FB Reviews, Check Not sure if just FB Scam or Legit
Jordan –

Victim Location 37918

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was on Facebook and a lady contacted me to tell me I’m the winner of a lottery for $5000,000.00. Said it’s for being a great client & for the length of time I have supported them.

Info says: DBA online International Lottery

1 Hacker Way, Mentor Park, Can 94205, to; June V Hicks,USA. Prize: $500,000 USD, Batch: (FB-0051/994), Ticket: #FB-962-60), S/N: E4A3748-2015) Lucky #:FB-225-8836) Signed by Director of Operation, couldn’t read the name! 2 people contacted me. 415-562-5378 on my cell, a man: Carlo Sergio, from Global Fairway’s Inc. the woman on FB name: Theresa Brinkley

I’m supposed to go to a store (Walmart to send $300) & their address will be texted to me.

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  1. I was approched by a woman saying that I won 700,000.00 and gave me a bunch of numbers told me not to show them to anyone then she sent a picture of a FBI investigator named GH Dozier talking about the FBI and the Homeland security were over seaing my winnings. So I looked up the numbers and this is how I came across your website

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