Ninah Consulting

Francisco – Aug 26, 2020

Victim Location 07305

Type of a scam Employment

On or about July 27, 2020, I received an email from an organization named Ninah Consulting. A supposed Manager claimed from this purported organization claimed that she was in receipt of my resume and was interested in hiring me for a variety of positions, including Office Manager, Data Entry Support, and Accountant within this alleged expanding company. I didn’t recall directly applying to this company but nonetheless I proceeded to complete complete the application because I’m currently unemployed and am somewhat anxious as to my financial plight, particularly during these uncertain times. According, I proceeded to complete their application forms and selected the Data Entry position.

On or about July 31, 2020, they emailed me a purported Employment Agreement I once again completed the form and proceeded to return the Employment agreement to via email. The following day August 1, 2020 they sent a congratulatory email stating that they’ve accepted my application for employment and that I simply needed to take one more step to ensure employment. The "final step" was actually request for access for bank account information in order to pay me promptly in accordance with wage laws.

Regrettably, with haste to forwarded this information because as with many reputable organizations, while not customary, it isn’t necessarily unreasonable to provide this information with discretionary caution. After doing so, I attempted to contact the company repeatedly at the phone provided in the email but absolutely no one responded and on other occasions the line appeared to be busy.

Needless to say this was very poor judgment on my part but this unfortunately is the usual (MO) of such predatory endeavors. This entire episode created and enormous amount of havoc for not for myself but for may bank and the various entities relying on payment in a timely manner. Ultimately, I needed to devote the better part three weeks to reconciling my various accounts in order to maintain an accurate cash flow for my requisite monthly payment.

Accordingly, I ask that this agency Please take the necessary measures to promulgate the nefarious activities of this unscrupulous predatory scammer to adequately ensure that that overly zealous job hunters are not victimized by such unethical conduct displayed herein by this fallacious organization. Thank you

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