Nezco Logistics Solutions L.L.C.

Jasmine – Sep 01, 2020

Victim Location 33027

Type of a scam Employment

Once I received their email, I began my research into the company. I also asked friends to look it over, so that I had more eyes looking through their history. We did not find anything unusual, other than all of their calls went straight to voicemail for the company and wanted you to leave your information so they could call or email you back. I also tried requesting information from their website and never received anything. I had already filled our a labor agreement for the company and returned the information. If not a complete scam, they are a very unprofessional company. After sending back the agreement, was reached out to by an operator of theirs that asked some questions about the training. I let her know my feelings about some of the shadiness that was coming from the company, and she assured me that the woman I was working with would reach out to me to calm my fears. I never received any forms of communication, and later found that the location nearest me had shutdown. I sent an email asking for communication from them, and because I never received any, I’m filing this report.

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