Sergio – Jun 30, 2020

Victim Location 29073

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Other

This company seems legit with a nice website and "customer service" that responds with 24 hours. However its been 25 days since my order and have not received my order. I waited the full 25 days as stated on the website, I checked the tracking number given, shipping out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, thought the company is based in Hong Kong, and no activity is shown other that than the shipment label has been created.

I contacted the company to cancel and refund my order, but they can not since the order has :shipped". They provide no other assistance only nicely worded emails that offer assistance but then give you the run around when you ask for it.

After my inital contact to cancel my order which was denied. I have now received an email stated the "current status of your package has expired and the parcel my be delivered unsuccessfully."

Trisha –

Victim Location 78413

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This email from was an obvious attempt to get me to click on one of many links within the email. Since the email solicited no information and had numerous "red flags", I assume that the purpose was to install malware on my computer had I clicked on any of the links. (I did not.) A Google search disclosed that Newchic is a known disreputable business.

Kate –

Victim Location 70538

Total money lost $52

Type of a scam Online Purchase

one day i was scrolling through facebook and an ad from newchic popped up. it showed some shirts that i liked and they were priced well. so i ordered 3 of them. i received acknowledgment that the order was received and then nothing happened for almost a month. i inquired about the order and was told that it was on back order. i then tried to cancel the order and was told that it was already sent! by the way, the website was in spanish with a translation offered. i was told i could send it back for full refund after it arrived. finally about 2 months after the order a package arrived. it came from china. i tried on the shirts; they were too small and the fabric was not to my liking. so i contacted them about returning the package. they came back with a return address in china although the package the arrived had an address on the west coast. after inquiring about this i was notified that it must be returned to china to get the refund. so i go to the post office and purchase a mailer for the shirts. after sealing and addressing it i was told the postage was to be $24 with no guarantee of arrival date. since the cost of the original order was $50 i find i am stuck with these damn shirts. i think this is a scam since there is no information given about where the clothes come from and that the return of them would be prohibitively expensive.

Valerie –

Victim Location 63049

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered multiple items on 12/17/2017. Haven’t received one. No way to contact for company on website. One order but charged for each item as shipped. Have not received an item yet even though website and email states they have been shipped. Per customer comments website and merchandise is fraudulent and not as described. Be very cautious. I doubt I will receive over $200.00 in merchandise ordred and if I do per customer comments on Facebook will not be quality or size specific. Who knows if or when I will receive these items or if I will be able to get my money back. Be very cautious.

Christie –

Victim Location 80817

Total money lost $33.73

Type of a scam Online Purchase

i ordered a couple bras from them and they emailed me back later saying they are out of stock of the item and to choose what i want to do by clicking on the link provided, which was broken. so i went to their website and tried to live chat them since that was an option, which that link was also broken. so i sent an email through their website and when i hit send it just completely blanked out. the email in my personal email you cant respond to and they dont have a number that i can find to contact them via phone.

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