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Justin – Aug 14, 2020

Victim Location 85621

Total money lost $50,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I have sold my time share to this buyer and deposited 3 different amount in wire transfers, I paid for my time share in full because I was told it needed to be paid in full in order to sell the time share to the buyer, so I wire the payment to a Mexican bank, then I was told to pay 25% of the taxes to this bank and send another wire for $15,000 to that mexican bank, then I was told I had to pay the bank investigation to determine that this money was not money laundry, so I had to pay another $15,000 dlls, they sent me a contract to email for the sale of the time share, then they told me I needed to pay another mexican taxes in the amount of 20,000 thousand dollars, and if I don’t pay that money the broker and the the buyer could send me to court. I have wire three different times to this lawyer that supposeddly is representing me in Mexico, the monoey was wired to a Mexican bank, and they sent me a copy of a mexican bank statement that is in Mexico, with my money on hold, and if I don’t pay this final mexican taxes for the sale that the money could be taken by the government. There is also an escrow company involved in this issue, named Capital Access Holdings, LLC

Caroline –

Victim Location 89074

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I received a phone call from this company telling me they are interested in purchasing my timeshare in cabo san lucas mexico. I have gone back and forth with negotiating a price that I was willing to let it go for and we got to a point where I counter offered the asking price, and he came back with an even higher offer, which seemed weird to me. I am interested in selling my timeshare, but I cannot find anything legit on this company when searching google, except for the website attached to their email. Their address isnt even associated with the company when typnig into google and I cannot find this reps name anywhere, Hugh Jordan. I have asked for information but have yet to receive it. Before proceeding with this transaction I wanted to make sure it was a legit company.

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