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Carmen – Feb 19, 2021

I too was fooled into using this service, I’m in the military and I wanted to consolidate some credit card debt. I received a letter in regards to low interest credit card consolidation loan and some how I got roped into working with Nationwide Loan Consultants they created a fake email account for me without my permission and use this account along with personal information to apply for loans on my behalf. It was not accurately and clearly explained to me on how there company works so I didn’t understand they were not the ones providing me the low interest loan. It took server almost days to fully understand when I started getting emails from Credit Karma that new inquiry has been done on my credit. This has occurred about 4 times now, I’m trying to increase my credit score and get better a better rate not decrease my score by applying to multiple loan companies. I feel as if I have been taken advantage of and I don’t think anyone deserves to be tricked into working with a company who doesn’t fully explain what they are doing and that they will be sharing your information with many loan companies that involves pulling your credit and lowering your credit score. All I can say is shame on you for taking advantage of people and their wanting to do better financially

Katie – Feb 09, 2021

Scam artists , stay clear from this company. They take your money and do nothing for you that you couldn’t do on your own. Buyer beware

Brent – Dec 09, 2020

Run away! Run away! (Flee to the forest where you can find trees that lend instead.)

Nationwide Loan Consultants is a SCAM and their agents have nothing to offer that you can’t easily do yourself. If you use them, you are required to forward them 9.9% of the loan amount for their “service” within 48 hours of the loan closing. To ensure they get a service fee of at least $999 for their “help”, their minimum loan amount is $10,000. Their fine print also states that you cannot do business with any of the companies they source for you for 180 days unless you include them in the process. By signing what they described to me as the “permission to look for loans for you document” you are giving them access to run your credit for the next six months to keep track of your loan movements. Very nifty (for them!).

Yep, this place smells fishy because it is filled with predatory fish of the worst kind. They emailed me the “permission document” while we were on the phone and tried to pressure me into signing it right then. When I started pushing back, I could hear someone else advising the agent on how to respond. Then the phone got handed to a higher level predator who evidently been listening over her shoulder. With his syrupy, condescending voice he dumbed down the message to ensure that even one so lowly as I could understand (all while having side conversations). Very classy. He assured me that everything was fine and they would contact me later. Sadly, they did.

In the meantime I had read the document and saw what a complete rip off this company is. I told them to stop contacting me and to go away (forever). They still continue to send me emails with no option to unsubscribe. Horrible, rotten company whose sharks prey on unsuspecting, trusting people. Nationwide Loan Consultants are [censored] of the worst kind. #shameful #runaway

Ernest – Nov 11, 2020

Omg, I wish I did some research before wasting my time with them. Same exact story here, got a mailer from a different company with great pre-approval options (classic), called them and then they just bounced me over to Nationwide Loan. Make no mistake, they are NOT the ones issuing you a loan. They DO NOT have any inside access to great deals either. All they do is apply for loans on your behalf to 5-6 financial institutions that you could have applied yourself. And for this tremendous 2 minute Google search effort they want… tada!… 10% of the amount you borrow! So if you get, e.g., a $20k loan @15% APR, factoring in their $2k fee (for nothing) makes it a 19% APR loan (based on the actual cost to you). And they do lock you in with a contract prohibiting to apply with the companies they apply on your behalf. Literally a freaking scam. You are MUCH better off applying for loans yourself just googling most popular and trusted lenders. And saving 10% of the amount borrowed. AVOID his scam. Thank God I ran the numbers before agreeing to their ridiculous terms.

Andres – Oct 01, 2020

Very disappointed in the loan advisor we had we couldn’t understand a word she was telling us and very unhelpful!
We were mislead! I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

Joanna – Oct 05, 2020

Michelle, It was a pleasure speaking with you. I will use your experience to better our organization.

Thank you for taking the time.


Ian – Jun 11, 2020

Definitely loan shark, they talk a. Great offers, then I fell for it in a rush to handle my situation sign an agreement online which locks me out of any other options without them getting I think 9% cut of anything I do on my own. A BS business. Don’t let the “we can get it handled talk suck you in” hell I will go bankrupt before I let these cons get any. Most of the company’s they offered, were offered to me already. I will serve my 180 days of the online contract. I let my guard down. Don’t be scammed by these lowlifes. [email protected]

Ana – Oct 05, 2020

Hello John,
We were just notified about this review or we would have reached out sooner. We left you a message and sent you an email. We would really like to turn around your thoughts and prove we are a very trustworthy organization who cares for every client and their experience. Please contact me when you have time.

Thank you

Joanna – Oct 23, 2020

Victim Location 27244

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received a letter in the mail that offered good interest rates. The letter was from Interest Rate Solutions. I called and applied for a debt consolidation loan. They pulled my credit (hard pull) and told me I would hear from their underwriters the next day. I got a call the next day but it was from another company asking me if I wanted to apply for a loan. The original company, Interest Rate Solutions had passed my information to Nationwide Loan Consultants. I spoke to the company and decided it wouldn’t hurt to try. They said they had the inside route to getting me a better interest rate and could reach out to lenders and work with them.

All this company does is take the information that you gave to the original company and they fill out applications and submit them. They even went as far as to create a fake yahoo email with my name that I had no access to for the companies they applied for loans for to sent the information to. Then they tell you that you cannot re-apply with these companies that they applied to for up to 6 months. I was told my credit would not be pulled until I wanted to make a decision but all of the companies performed hard pulls on my credit.

This company is a scam, they lie to you, and they fill out credit applications. They try to charge you 9.9% of what you want to borrow as a fee. They have no insight or inside skills to help you in any way. Please stay away as it is a headache.

Timothy –

Our apologies that we just found out about your review. Unfortunately we do not have your contact information to reach out.There are many things about your experience that we would like to hear about. We would greatly appreciate you contacting us to prove our value and customer service. Please give me a call anytime.


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  1. This company is a complete rip off…I made the mistake, and did not do my research. I was of the understanding that they would actually obtain a loan on my behalf…ALL they did was send my information out to several lenders. I ended up dealing with het lenders after they received my application, I negotiated my own terms and paid the lenders origination fee.
    Nationwide’s fees for sending out my information were over double what the loan origination fees were.
    They are not afraid to call you several times a day until you pay their fees, regardless of when you may be receiving your loan funding.

    I am already in a difficult financial position and could not afford to be sent to collections or have to have any sort of legal battle if I choose not to pay their fees after signing their agreement.

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