National Response Center/Senior Benefits Dept

Travis – Sep 01, 2020

I have ask to be taken of the do not call list but they keep calling. Before I can say take me they hang up on me. I get calls at least twice a day and sometimes more. I know what senior benefits is about and I think this is a scam to get my information. They are very verbal sometimes too.

Andrea – Aug 31, 2020

Victim Location 37303

Type of a scam Phishing

I received an offical looking envelope, resembling a government type envelope, addressed directly to me, with a mailer and return mailing envelope inside. The mailer stated "New 2020 Benefit Information For Tennessee Residents Only" and went on to state "the federal government provides funeral expense benefits that many Seniors living today are not aware that they qualify for." Later, it indicates "It is important for you to register for the benefits available to you" and prompts me to return the mailer card, filled out with personal information, "in the provided postage paid secure envelope within 5 days." There is no phone number or website provided and the post office box return address is listed only on the envelopes. In VERY SMALL print, on the mailer card, is the disclaimer "Not affiliated or endorsed by any government agency" which, I assume, covers their butts for false and/or misleading advertising. Clearly, this is a mass-marketing campaign aimed at selling term-life insurance. However, it is deceiving as it appears, at first glance, to be government communications. Also, there IS a legit governmental agency with the same name! This direct-mail marketing organization should be required to change their business name and/or make it more clear that this is ADVERTISING.

The state of Tennessee does NOT offer burial/funeral expense assistance. (Check your state and county websites to determine if funeral expense assistance is available.) Medicaid/Medicare does NOT cover funeral expenses. Social Security does NOT pay for funeral expenses, however, they do award a small death benefit to a surviving spouse who qualifies. The AARP offers life-insurance to cover burial/funeral expenses; it’s insurance so you must pre-pay for it. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs will assist with burial expenses for veterans only.

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