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Kate – Sep 13, 2020

Type of a scam Employment

I was looking for jobs on indeed. The positions was for an “administrative assistant” for “hr Emily Adams”. 2 days later I was contacted via indeed asking for my name and email address again. Then all the positions posts were deleted. Later I got an email to my personal email address saying it was possible for me to be accepted and my position would be for a Transaction Admin Assistant for National Business Solutions. I started researching the company and it was a complete ghost. They provided a full website vis my email but it was not google searchable and the the job in the link was too good to be true and seemed sketchy saying I would “receive money and then “do a task” I’ll provide a link to that job offer page as it is not connected to the business site. There is no physical address information. And no one answers the phone number listed on the site. The websites was only created according to on 09/08/2020 which is the same day I applied for the job.

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