National Auto Reports / Dom

Logan – Aug 22, 2020

Victim Location 94502

Type of a scam Phishing

Listed a car on craigslist, they set up an appointment then asked me to get report from NAR ( Said their name was "Dom." Below is a copy/paste of our text.

Dom: hello are you still have the honda accord

Me: Yes, it’s available

Dom: Sounds good, have you owned it for a while now? How is the overall condition? Where abouts are you located???

Me: [insert reply]

Dom: I’m quite serious it’s between yours and another one, but it has more mileage which is why I’m interested. Id likes to come me down to your place. Does tomorrow work for you?”’

Me: Tomorrow works how about [location]

Dom:sounds good. lets do that then 10:30 ok?.., i’ll talk to my Manager before leaving work to arrange plan and figure out a ride down.. before i take off, can you send me the NAR paperwork???

Me: NAR?

Dom: sorry btw its the papers you able to pull up as the owner on (NationalAutoReports .com). Im Dom. whats your name again?

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