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Nicolas – Aug 26, 2020

Type of a scam Other

hello, I applied for a vechile offer through this website to purchase a car and they advertise and still do that you will get a $100 email transfer for just applying. Not only didnt they follow through with accually processing the car application they didnt send any transfer of $100. They have ignored all attempts to get a hold of them. They keep sending me an email claiming that some people have not received their $100 and to reapply over and over again to get the money but never give it no matter how many times they do it. After you click the link you must send them contact details of all your friends and family members so they can try the same things with them as well. I have included the email below:

We were informed by our client services rep that many of you applied with us in the past but still have not received their E-transfer or Visa Gift Card.

To receive the $100 E-transfer* or $100 VISA Gift Card* please click this link below: and re-submit your most recent information with your current mailing and email address and on the last screen enter Promo Code: “My E-Transfer/Visa”

We sincerely apologize for the delay if you were one of these and will watch for your new application to come through.


Carl Frieson

Nation Wide Vehicle Loans

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