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Frederick – Nov 09, 2020

I purchased an item on for $62.49 I received immediate email from PayPal stating :
“You have authorized a payment of $62.49 USD to liu binghong(). Money won’t leave your account until liu binghong processes your order.”
The money was taken out 15 minutes latter and next day I received a email with a phony tracking number saying the item was delivered two weeks before my order date?
I contacted PayPal no response from them . This liu binghong is ripping of hundreds of people not everyone posts complaints so be careful is just one of his many scams. My bank did not stop payment even after I cantacted them about the phony tracking number! Also be careful of market place he is on there also sell fraudulent items.

Barry – Jul 01, 2020

Victim Location 97035

Total money lost $99.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer presents a fake storefront on a website selling Yeti coolers. Immediately upon purchase, a receipt listed a different contact name from the website which was an immediate red flag. A quick internet search listed the company as fraudulent. There was no contact information about the company which was another warning. Within two hours of "purchase", I received a shipping update stating that my product was shipped including a tracking number from USPS. According to the tracking number, the product had been delivered to my home, two hours before I actually ordered the product. In addition, the second invoice/shipping confirmation increased the total cost from $99.99 to $114.90 with no explanation for the additional fee. I have filed a dispute/complaint with Pay Pay and have contacted my bank to place a stop on the transaction.

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