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Jordan – Sep 01, 2020

8/31/2020 – I saw a commercial about CBD Oil & CBD Cream featuring Dr. Oz & Megan Kelly, both of whom I trust. Later saw another spot with Dr. Oz & Sean Hannity, another person I trust. The commercial was for a free trial for both the oil & the cream & I just had to pay shipping costs of $4.95 for the tincture (oil) & $5.95 for the cream. I ordered them on line using my Discover Card on August 13th, 2020. My Discover Card is paid through my bank on the 15th of each month but I check my statement periodically which I happened to do this afternoon. I found a charge of $90.75 for the cream under the company name Hyperforcemaxhealth & $88.44 for the oil under the company name Transparent-Luminous-F. I called the company number which was answered as Customer Support. I had to ask the name of the company & apparently they handle sales for many companies. When I ordered the oil & cream, it was under the name Kanna Leaf from Huntington Beach Cal. I haven’t contacted Discover Card yet as I just wanted to get this reported asap. The person I spoke to said there was a disclaimer stating I would be charged full price if I did not return the products within the allotted time. Nothing I saw &/or printed said anything about theses charges & I told him so. He said he’d apply a % 25 discount & I told him I didn’t care – I wasn’t going to pay it. Within a couple of minutes I received emails canceling my accounts & the new discount prices. Next stop AZ Attorney General I guess.

Megan – Jul 24, 2020

I watched the video with Dr. Oz and Megyn Kelly about CBD gummies. The offer was for buy two for $49.00 each and receive two free bottles. I did this and when I got the four bottles I was charged $185.00. I believe I was scammed. How do I get $85.00 back?

Sheena – May 28, 2020

Basically same experience. Same notice, offer, etc.
Thought I was buying one getting one free, turns out I was billed for both bottles.
Yesterday received a credit card charge for what must be a new shipment — I don’t recall authorizing any additional purchase.
Have tried the product for 30 days and have not experience any noticeable improvement health wise.
Am in the process of canceling this and all additional purchases.

Calvin – Sep 28, 2020

I had this problem when I ordered a free sample for Keto pills. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page you will see “Terms and Conditions” and that’s where it states it will continue sending your product and will charge you. I agree, it’s a scam.

Michelle – Apr 10, 2020

Victim Location 98388

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was scanning my e-mail and noticed the e-mail that read: my wife’s name to Fwd: for my wife. The message read “Should have sent this to you before So thinking this was from my wife sent to me at my e-mail, I opened the e-mail and saw

FWD: for (my wife’s name was here). And below that was again this message: Should have sent this to you before

So I clicked on the link still thinking this was a message that my wife had sent to me. What appeared was a beautiful website that read:

SPECIAL REPORT: Megyn Kelly and /doctor Oz’s New Startup Quietly Unveils Their 100% Legal CBD Gummies and Big Pharma is Furious.

The rest of the e-mail showed pictures of Megyn and Dr. Oz plus several celebrities endorsing the product which was a 30 day supply of “Pure CBD Gummies” that cured Megyn’s arthritis, and relieved Dr. Oz of back pain. ETC. ETC. so cut to the purchase was a graphic reading

Hurry: ONLY 347 Bottles Left In Stock (this was after the discussion above that said the last time this offer was made public they sold out in one day, so the inference was hurry up as this ad was closing anyway on April 10th. Today is April 9th. So because my wife said let’s do it as she has arthritis issues and here were two respected television personalities and several others like Morgan Freeman and Willie Nelson and golfer Phil Mickelson endorsing the product, I whip out my debit card, fill out the information and press the “Rush Order” button. What happens next was a web page saying that my card was not accepted, reason unknown. But the message said to try another debit card. So anxious to get this done before time ran out (there was a count down timer on the add with 7 minutes left), I tried a second card and pressed submit, but then the website went blank and disappeared. I received shortly thereafter 2 separate fraud alerts from my bank asking if I had charged $225 from a company called BODYHEALTHSTOR. The next text I got was for fraud alert on my other debit card for $225 charged to company called HERBALSWELLNESS. I then called my bank and found out that this was most likely a fraud and they put a stop on the payments. Now I have to replace both debit cards. The scam would have taken $450 total as apparently the first card I used was in process of being accepted by my bank. So was the 2nd debit card I used. TOTAL SCAM AND MY BANK FRAUD CENTER SAVED ME! THANK YOU COLUMBIA BANK!

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