Michael – Nov 03, 2020

Scammer’s phone NA

Scammer’s website NA

Scammer’s address NA

Scammer’s email NA

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Two payments of $99.84 was taken off my debit card. I have no clue who or what this company is but i never ever authorized it. Im still trying to figure out exactly what this is about an im going to dispute it because i dont really shop online let alone car insurance or something? I dont even own a vehicle i dont even drive! That was my rent money taken an this is so not cool.

Christie – Sep 16, 2020

Victim Location 78130

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Healthcare scam, callers from three number 3462300202, 9402422802, 9402422799 and 9402091934..

the first time they call all you here is the person saying hello, hello, the second the say your name if you caught on they just keep calling and hanging up

Monica – Aug 29, 2020

Victim Location 48105

Type of a scam Phishing

Received text message on 8/27: "[My name], we found a parcel from July pending for you. Please assume ownership and confirm for delivery here:"

Wayne – Aug 29, 2020

Victim Location 48105

Type of a scam Phishing

Received following text message on 8/28/2020: "[My name], we found a parcel from May owed to you. Please assume ownership and schedule for delivery here:"

Allison –

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I answered a phone call and the person on the line asked to speak to my girlfriend using her first and last name. I explained that she could not be reached at my number and asked what the phone call was regarding.

He said that she tried to make a Amazon purchase of $1000 and was concerned that it was fraudulent.

I questioned him as to why he was calling me as my phone number is not linked to her card, meanwhile knowing that my girlfriend would not make a purchase of this nature. He then proceeded to ask for the last 4 digits of my credit card for verification which I did not provide.

My concern here is that they were able to link my girlfriend using her first and last name along with my number. This is definitely a more personal approach and I’ve not received a scam call at this point that was able to provide me with any info that would tie the call to me without me providing it.

Steven –

Victim Location 23455

Type of a scam Online Purchase

David ([email protected])

Feb 10, 2020, 10:20 AM (4 days ago)

If is still for sale, can you tell me if you have any problems with your vehicle ? Any oil leaking, bad suspension ? I’ll appreciate. Thanks —— Original Mes



Feb 11, 2020, 4:58 PM (3 days ago)

I have an official current title report from CARFAX your welcome to meet me at a WAWA and take a look at everything.

David ([email protected])

Feb 11, 2020, 6:23 PM (3 days ago)

to me

To be able to come ,see,test and make a deal for it face to face,i need the report so i can pass it to my loan officer and make sure he will allow me to buy it.I need the report because the loan company ask for it .please go to and get one. will not make sense for me to get one because i can`t re use it like you can , you will be able to give it to all you potential buyers , me on the other hand if will not be ok i will gave to look for a new vehicle and get a new report .

I know is only $25 but if i have to run 5 reports until i find an ok report where will i be ?

If the report will be ok you can consider it sold.


P.S if is about the money i will add the $25 to the final price


This website wants credit card, bank account, ss number, the whole 9 yards…

Calvin –

Victim Location 46143

Type of a scam Other

Selling vehicle and direct to site for vin report. Email below

Im planning to purchase your motorcycle right after seeing it but before driving to you I want you to pull a vin history record from this source which I used it when I sold my motorcycle. Too many scary stories about motorcycle sales on craigslist and the vin report helps me with my final decision. Dont forget to attach a copy when you reply.


—— Original Message ——

From:*** To: "Georgine"

Sent: 12/17/2019 8:46:16 AM

Subject: Re: 2012 Can-Am Spyder RS-S White – $8599 (greenwood)

Daisy –

Victim Location 33322

Type of a scam Phishing

I didn’t recognize he number so i didn’t answer the first time and they immediately called back..i answered and the call was breaking up and they were saying my name..i said who is this over and over and they said can you hear me..i said yeah, but it’s breaking up and hung up..then i remembered the "Yes" scam and came here..

Jessie –

Type of a scam Other

this same number called me several times, finally decided to answer it. Female asked "is this Erin?" I said "Yes" and she hung up. I heard there is a scam going around that they can use your "yes" as fraud?

Rebekah –

Victim Location 45238

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Received a VM from this person. Didnt leave a company name but said their are errors with my SSI number and if I didnt call them back immediately a US Magistrate would be contacting me.

Thats all I know except BBB says it is a scam.

Chase –

Victim Location 60163

Type of a scam Phishing

Gat a voicemail about. “Serious complaint” that was “forwarded to their office” and if I didn’t call the would “be forced to make a decision without my consent” they referenced my “case number” as “168284”

Did not call back, knew it was a scam. They left zero other details. And also called me but said it was for my mom…

Drew –

Victim Location 32081

Type of a scam Other

I answered, caller asked if it was me, I said yes and they hing up. I tried calling back and it said it was not a working #.

Adrian –

Victim Location 70563

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Was told to contact them by calling if not the local law would have me pick up there was no name in the call no e-mail just a phone number to call

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 78229

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Company left voicemail asking for me to clear up an insecure credit debt (I don’t have any credit cards, nor debts) – likely scam.

Nathaniel –

Victim Location 32068

Type of a scam Employment

Darren Mclachen texted message my cell wanting to know the make and model of my car to get paid for advertising.

I did a search for the Darren Mclachen and saw some sketchy reports. I didn’t respond to text but I took a picture so others can see what the text looks like before I delete the text

Kelly –

Victim Location 85013

Type of a scam Phishing

Call came in to my cell phone this AM from an adult male with a Middle Eastern accent. He asked if I was (my name). I affirmed that it was by saying "yes" and he hung up. He just tried to call back a minute ago from a number of the same prefix. I hit the send button when it rand and sat there and said nothing this time. He said nothing as well and hung up after a few seconds. Reading up on this I have now learned about this so-called "yes scam." The phone numbers are unusual – I believe this is from another country: 49138376803 and 49135725254

Not sure if this will go further with me later finding I have been scammed through bank accounts, etc.

Kelly –

Victim Location 79938

Type of a scam Romance

Person talk to me on the app OKCupid then asked for my number and we texted for a hour then 2 days later I get a call and a text message from someone claiming to be an investigator and he said I had talked to someone not of age then asked if the parents could call me and when they did they said they would not peruse any legal action it I paid them $1020 for damages.

Johnathan –

Victim Location 68130

Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted from a person of position/influence from my Home Owners Association to go buy 10 $100 iTunes gift cards, scratch off the back, take a picture of them and email them back to him. Sounded unusual, so I contacted the person and he said I was being spoofed. This is a respected person, so I was tempted to help him out, even though it was an unusual request. I initially responded and said I was not adept at taking iphone pictures. When "he" responded, there was a different email address from the "same" person.

Micah –

Victim Location 85203

Type of a scam Phishing

Called me out of nowhere and claims to offer you a better insurance plan. The gentleman asks if I could hear him, and after I answered under his breath he states if I want my cell phone number removed press 1. I did and the call dropped off. I then proceeded to block the call, but I wanted to report the number also. This hasn’t made me lose money, but I didn’t give them a chance to further the conversation to possibly ask me for any personal information.

Dana –

Victim Location 70714

Total money lost $2,200

Type of a scam Government Grant

This person probably originally sent message thru either Facebook and or Messenger claiming to be with a government grant organization.This person required that payment be with ITunes cards that I purchased at store for fees, handling tax, etc. I have sent 2200.00 so far and haven’t receive anything

Cory –

Victim Location 76544

Total money lost $240

Type of a scam Other

Me and my husband were putting gas in and these two guys came and told us a client order a home theater but never got it , they had the receipt and everything they said it was a 3000 dollar system and one of them had a Best Buy shirt, so then my husband said we can do 200 then he was like 220 so we can get some beer then we went to the dollar store because the gas station didn’t have an atm and that’s it . We got scammed. We got home and it wasnt A complete set.

Renee –

Victim Location 80229

Total money lost $8,600

Type of a scam Phishing

PayPal phising scam page

Toni –

Victim Location 78216

Type of a scam Phishing

I have received several automated calls in the same day from (315) 743-4316, informing me that my name is associated with several violations and I should call to take care of legal issues before I am "arrested by the local cops."

No action was taken, as it is clearly a scam.

Robert –

Victim Location 63637

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Some one called me about my credit cards and how to cut down the payment. I was very excited to take the call because I have no credit cards and I wanted to call them out and tell them that what they were doing was wrong. They told me that I have 3000.00 in credit card debit and they used a combination of MasterCard and Visa. They said that they could lower the payments, and I didn’t want to lose them so I asked them is this a scam and how can you live with yourself doing this to people!!! THE GUY LAUGHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This world is sad…

Brooke –

Victim Location 55726

Type of a scam Other

I received a phone call from an unknown local number, which I have stopped answering due to the uprise in scams. However, this time a voicemail was left making me think it may be someone I know. When I listened to the voicemail the speaker had a friendly voice but it sounded a little unreal. She luckily had my name wrong and then continued talking about how she was “Elaine’s daughter” in the area and they wanted to get dinner later. She then left a call back number, which was different from the caller and from a completely different state. I looked up the number online and it was associated with other scams. I am not sure what happens if you call it back, but definitely a sneakier way than just calling people had developed.

Casey –

Victim Location 90046

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a voice mail(voice generated) that the beginning was cut off so I couldn’t identify who it was from, but they continued to say there were 4 serious allegations against me and I needed to call them within 24 hours or there would be legal action. They left a phone number to call back 914.364.5766. I never called it.

Latasha –

Victim Location 32765

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received a robo-call from this number and they were trying to collect my personal banking information.

Vincent –

Victim Location 92115

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from a male with an Indian accent. He asked for Kellie Scott. I responded this is her. He said "this is Kellie Scott?" I responded "Yes". He then hung up. I believe he was trying to get me to say yes so he could record my voice saying "yes" so that he can make unauthorized purchases under my name.

Jenny –

Victim Location 83651

Type of a scam Tech Support

This person calls because “my windows computer has been compromised” I kindly asked to put me on their no call list, and no he replied “blah blah blah, Speak clearer ***” I will not be harassed and it’s unacceptable. I should not have to worry about ignorant foreign slums bothering me with fake products to legitimately compromise my life.

Brandy –

Victim Location 55901

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Phone call with automated message, reports "you will be taken into custody by the local police", and there are "4 serious allegations pressed on your name at this time".

Carl –

Victim Location 60538

Type of a scam Other

Can you hear me scam.

A lady called and asked if I could hear her. I said yes and she hung up. I called the number back and it was disconnected.

Colleen –

Victim Location 34229

Type of a scam Phishing

Caller asked for Michael. When responded no Michael he asked if I could help. I inadvertently responded yes. This seemed to be his objective.

Jesse –

Victim Location 60007

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received an email indicating that a payment was received, however I have not authorized any transactions with this vendor.

Keri –

Victim Location 60007

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

Email discussing easy trick..the email content was blocked and ther was a warning that it may be a phishing scam.

Hannah –

Victim Location 48041

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Has sent me a number of text messages asking me to contact his mother who wants to purchase all of my antiques listed for sale online. When I called the number a man with a foreign accent answered, when I asked him what antiques he wants to purchase he hung up. I’m sure if I would have contacted him via email, he’d offer to pay me with a cashier’s check etc.

Rodney –

Victim Location 60653

Type of a scam Debt Collections

_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ be _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_ custody by the local cops as there are _?_?_?_ serious allegations pressed on your name _?_ this is moment we would request you _?_ get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 914-363-4409 I repeat 914-363-4409 _?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_…”

Rose –

Victim Location 54302

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call on my place of business phone, recited my greeting. In the greeting I state both my business name and my first name. The male individual, in broken English, recited my full name with a question – I confirmed with a "yes". Then he asked again with a questions the full name of my company. When I said yes he hung up. I called the number right back and it was the phone company message that the phone I have called was disconnected. I have heard about people asking questions to record your voice when you say "YES. for future use. I believe they are gaining personnel information about me and not my place of business.

Troy –

Victim Location 80302

Type of a scam Other

Another phone number left a message on my phone that I overpaid for something and to call the *** to receive my refund. I did not call, but felt suspicious of the caller.

Jerry –

Victim Location 77345

Type of a scam Phishing

Male caller said, "You probably should not have done that."

Female caller said, "Cha-Ching!"

The call then ended

Caleb –

Victim Location 64030

Type of a scam Phishing

Called claiming that there was a legal lawsuit. Tried to call back, always busy

Denise –

Victim Location 53204

Type of a scam Phishing

Recorded audio – Asked if I could hear her – Scammer used a caller ID spoof

Audrey –

Victim Location 97058

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I just got a call from this number (541)705-5451 and a lady named Ann was in the other end telling me she was calling in response to my request for affordable health care. I think this is the same number that called me a few weeks ago and was a recording but it sounds very real and she asked me a yes or no question then said she couldn’t hear me. I didn’t answer her question with a yes or a no and I haven’t made any inquiries about any health care affordable or not. When I called the number back, it rang, made some strange noise, and started ringing again. A very young child picked up and said hello twice and then the line went dead.

Alyssa –

Victim Location 98107

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Ther person calling called from a blocked number but gave a call back number of 256-434-7238.

In their message, they said, "I’m calling to inform you that there is a legal lawsuit being filed against you regarding tax fraud & tax evasion case. Before the case gets executed to the Federal claims courthouse or before we issue an arrest warrant to a local sheriffs department we want you to call me back on this number: 256-434-7238 I repeat it’s 256-434-7238. Please don’t disregard this message as the situation unfolds. If I don’t hear from you, the best I can do is go ahead and register this case to the local district court and local an arrest warrant to the local sheriff’s department. So please call us back as soon as possible. Thank you very much and have a blessed day.

Luis –

Victim Location 60189

Type of a scam Other

I received a cal from unknown number and leaving a message stating he was from an attorney office and his name was *** ***. His client which he never revealed to me the name of the client but game me a phone number which was 833-887-2799. I called this number and it made the sound that it was disconnected and no one ever answered when i called the number a different day. This Scott person said he would show up at my home and I needed to sign some documents. He didn’t say what type of documents or who his client was. He never left his number if I had any questions just the 833 number I listed above. I do not know if he went to my old address as I just moved last May and no one came to my current address. This person has my work phone number and my work cell number, but not my current personal cell number. I do not know who this person is. I also called my local police station and talked to an officer and asked them if There were any scams with people calling and saying they are coming to a persons home and trying to make them sign documents. I also will notify my human resources department to not give out any information regarding me to anyone without my knowledge.

Matthew –

Victim Location 77073

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This number has contacted me repeatedly. Today they contacted me with a spoofed local number of 832-240-3745. The message is from a Jacob Roth who states that documents were sent to me (never received) and that myself or my attorney needs to contact them immediately to resolve this matter. I have contacted the 800 number 800-959-4319 multiple times and asked that they not contact me. It took several tries before I was even connected to a person. They don’t state their company name and will not provide an address or any other information I request. They have also called one of my relatives.

Philip –

Victim Location 32305

Type of a scam Credit Cards


Anne –

Victim Location 79423

Type of a scam Other

Received a phone call from 806 503 3262 on 12-5-17 at 8:00 pm. When I answered it, a voice on the other end said "Mr." and my last name, to which I replied "YES" and they immediately hung up and calls to that # from me would not go through.

Seth –

Victim Location 60564

Type of a scam Phishing

Phone rang and It was an area code. The person asked if this was my name. I said yes and they hung up. Now I need to call all my credit cards, utilities and bank to make sure they don’t try and steal my identity or money.

Nicolas –

Victim Location 95020

Type of a scam Identity Theft

They asked for me….right after I said "Yes" they hung up

Stupid me.

I’m doing this to document the incident in case of future criminal activity on my accounts.

Aimee –

Victim Location 94107

Type of a scam Phishing

Hello, I am reporting again about the same flirtatious wannabe pornstar name "Brandon Winston." He was that same one from that fake loan offering who had sent me an email earlier back at 3:33pm PST only now talking about getting paid $300 by pasting "his" ad on my vehicle in which I never agreed upon and I don’t know why this person name "Brandon Winston" has gotten my email for but I know this is just for his little amusement to try and start stuff just to harass me. That is why I had to write another complaint because he has got my email to try to start harassment with me when I didn’t do anything wrong.

Suzanne –

Victim Location 64050

Type of a scam Home Improvement

When working on house/car, will ask to leave a bag until the next day. After picking up bag and leaving, will text you saying a laptop, expensive makeup, etc were stolen from bag and to bring cash and items to specific location or calling police to tell them (insert lie here).

Juan –

Victim Location 53186

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was told that I was eligable for a gov. grant and they scammed me out of my money. which I never got nothing from them. I sent $700 in iTunes gift cards as instructed.

Kristine –

Victim Location 50523

Type of a scam Phishing

Can you hear me alright?

Nathaniel –

Victim Location 90046

Type of a scam Identity Theft

robocall automated recording asking if i was the primary user and i replied yes, caller hung up and unable to call number back. disconnected.

Chad –

Victim Location 61016

Type of a scam Home Improvement

On Wednesday, September 6th at 5:32pm the number 815-580-3299 called me two times. I didn’t answer the first call at 5:30pm, but I did answer the second call at 5:32pm. A lady named Brooke, called me . She asked me something about homeowners info. And then asked if I could hear her. I said yeah, I can hear you. And then I said that I wasn’t a home owner. And then they hung up on me. Now, I’m afraid that this call is a scam type of call… After looking at the number, yet it says Cherry Valley. The Cherry Valley phone code is 332 not 580. At this time, less than an hour after the call, nothing suspicious has happened to me. But I’m just airing on the side of caution, since this phone number and extremely short conversation caught me off guard.

Daniel –

Victim Location 91325

Type of a scam Phishing

My work line rang. It was an unknown number which is common on my work line. A male voice said my first and last name, I said yes, and then he hung up. I tried calling the number back and no one picked up.

Johnny –

Victim Location 94014

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Non profit 501c-3 creditor offering debt relief if I call the number listed. No address, no business name. Not sure if it’s a scam, but it seems very fishy!

Darryl –

Victim Location 95065

Type of a scam Identity Theft

They used my name to ask if this was me. When I answered "yes" they immediately hung up.

Naomi –

Victim Location 76708

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

They would call asking if I would like to start a program to not use prescription pain medication. After I told them know that I was going to report their number to the, they instantly hung up. Please stop these crooks.

Daniel –

Victim Location 77632

Type of a scam Other

Person calls me around 1 pm continuously throughout the day sometimes leaves a blank voicemail other times will leave no voicemail at all but keep on calling. I answered on August 19 around 1 PM when I answered it sounded like someone said huh? I didn’t say anything and then a woman said hello can you hear me and I said please stop calling and she said she would remove me from the List and hurried up and hung up on me.

Theresa –

Victim Location 36067

Type of a scam Tax Collection

The scammers called my phone and left a threatening message so I called them back and they ask me to verify my name and I gave them false information they told me to just listen and they preceded to tell me what I had supposedly done and could be prosecuted and they ask how I wanted to resolve the matter, ask me if I wanted them to sign the warrant and go to jail or did I want them to turn it over to the higher officer to help resolve a almost $5000.00 debt because of a mistake I made in 2011 however when I started to get annoyed his tone changed I get a ton of these calls, the IRS NEVER answers the ph without you going through an automated system and a long darn wait, if I made a mistake in 2011 I sure wouldn’t have received my taxes for the following years. there were so many red flags with the conversation until it wasn’t even funny. However I called the # back several times wasting my valuable time and they have my # programmed so they answered by saying hello really so then I got fed up and asked them why were they scamming people and to get a real job and so on and so forth and he got angry and started using racial slurs and saying I was trailer trash and than it just got hilarious. Please don’t get scammed there are always red flags!!

Cassie –

Victim Location 53188

Type of a scam Phishing

When picking up the phone, the line remains silent. This number has called multiple times on different days around 8pm. I searched online and noticed other people stating the same thing.

No issues on my end, just reporting it.

Steven –

Victim Location 43615

Type of a scam Phishing

i answered my phone and there was nothing. when i was about to hang up a child said hello and i said yes. big mistake and they hung up. how do i know if they scammedy accts what do i look for?

Jeremy –

Victim Location 45011

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from a local zip code # to our business line. After my greeting, the caller asked if my name was "X" (ie. I’m sorry, did you say your name was Susan?") I said yes, followed by how may I help you? She said she had everything she needed and hung up. I think this is part of the "yes" scam. They are getting very good at their jobs.

This just happened and we are reporting it everywhere. We aren’t sure if we lost money yet, but our bank told us to watch all bills that come in.

Ricardo –

Victim Location 48066

Type of a scam Phishing

The caller asked if this was Jeff and he said yea and they hung up.

Vincent –

Victim Location 97030

Type of a scam Government Grant

At 8:26 am on Monday, May 1, 2017 I received a call from a strange number, V 501 205 724 00008 140000833864.

The caller asked if this was XXXX and I said YES, he asked again if this was XXXX and again I said YES. He said I had been selected for a Government Grant. I told him I wasn’t interested and he said "ok" and hung up.

Shawn –

Victim Location 50158

Type of a scam Phishing

On voicemail it says "This call is for" then another voice comes on with the following information.

Robocall, explains several matters are pending, you have a right to notify your plaintiff at 2673085859 . Reference a case number. If you don’t respond you no longer have the right to dispute this matter. The matters will be filed with your county. The caller (robot) will be verifying your address and place of employment today.

Consider this your official notice.

They have called my parents house and left a message, and now my place of employment.

Tammy –

Victim Location 98346

Type of a scam Phishing

I got a phone call like the ones that have recently been in the news. A number called and said hello repeatedly and then asked me if I could hear them over and over again. I did not say yes, I said hello and who is this.

Preston –

Victim Location 28557

Type of a scam Phishing

My husband received a call this morning from this phone number. He thought it was a legitimate call from a business in Huntersville, NC. He said "yes" in response to a question, then realized it was probably a scam and hung up.

Nathan –

Victim Location 15701

Type of a scam Phishing

received a call on my mobile number I use for work, from an area where my company is located (Little Rock AK). When I answered, I was asked if this is "*** ***", and I said "Yes?" and they said "how are you" then hung up. Although they didn’t say "can you hear me", it felt like a scam to get me to say yes.

Cole –

Victim Location 62089

Type of a scam Employment

Below is the email i recd from Sharon initially came through my iPhone with an email to return to sender if i was interested in caring for "her mother." I am an RN and do legitimate care taking through and Carelinx. I received a previous note at one time from a daughter asking me to purchase eqpt for their loved one coming from a foreign area and that soon I’d be employed by them. I did not accept that position, nor do i intend on helping this alleged attempt to get me to agree to their conditions. I have been a victim of id theft in previous yrs and it definitely sounds scandalous to me. Hope I’m incorrect, but can you check into this please for me.

The telephone # affiliated with this potential scam is 1-844-202-4463 and here is their response to my inquiry about employment. Thanks for your time. *** *** RN


How are you? I informed the CARE TEAM to scout for a caregiver for my mom due to my busy schedule so am comfortable talking to you about this position because i trust their judgement. Please read carefully as i am going to give you all the job details necessary, I’m Sarah McBroom 43, work as a stock brokers and i am also a member of charity organization that produce for the Charity (Self Employed), I will be relocating to your neighborhood in the U.S with my Mother and my 4 years old son, and this is where i will be requiring your services,My Mom Anissa is 65 and Shes a very kindhearted person, Lover of nature, Loves smiling and loves laughing, she loves meeting new people, she worked in the orphanage till she had an accident where she was the only survivor, she has difficulty working since then unless with the use of a wheelchair, she has been through a lot so i need the very best care for her. She is a very strong woman.

Your duties will include –

Ensuring she takes her medication

Run little errands for her

Keep her company

Walk her around

We will be offering $21.5/Hr for any 3 days of your choice, Mornings or Evenings for 4 hours. Before our arrival date which is between 31st of March-2nd of April, I will be providing you with the funds to get my mom an Electric Wheel Chair and an upfront payment of the first week to secure your service and show you my commitment to you working with us. So i will be needing the following information for my financial clerk to make out a Bank Certified Check for you to get the necessary things needed for her.

Name –

Full Address –

City –

State –

Zip –

Phone Number –

3 Days convenient to work –

I will be needing your total honesty and sincerity, and you can work for me as long as you want. I will provide the photo of the Electric Wheel chair once you are ready to purchase them, also you can tell more about yourself as i am also interested in knowing more about you.

Best Regards,

Sarah McBroom.

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 12:50 PM, *** *** wrote:


Am inquiring re: care concerning your mother. Feel free to contact me at your convenience if job is still unfilled. Thanks ***

Sent from my iPhone

Abby –

Victim Location 81005

Type of a scam Phishing

Called and asked "Did I catch you at a bad time" My Wife said YES Do not know if this is the YES scam going around or not.

Glenn –

Victim Location 67156

Type of a scam Phishing

Asked if I could hear her, wanted me to say "yes"

Grace –

Victim Location 23060

Type of a scam Phishing

They called and asked if I could hear them, I’ve received 3 of these phone calls the past few months, always a lady’s voice. My husband also got the same call today. I called the number back and hit the button to be removed from their list.

Kelsey –

Victim Location 57005

Type of a scam Phishing

Cell phone call, caller initially said she was "having trouble with her headset" when I answered, then started to tell me I had recently visited one of their resorts and had won a prize. I have not been to any resorts so I hung up. It sounded like a real person talking.

Jacqueline –

Victim Location 22314

Type of a scam Phishing

This is a scam where the caller was trying to get me to say "yes," presumably to falsely use that statement as an authorization of a fraudulent charge. The caller kept saying, "Hello, Hello" to which I replied, "Hello," and then "yes." After I said yes, the caller (sounded like a pre-recorded voice) went on to talk about a resort I had allegedly stayed at. She said something about an offer, then I hung up. I do NOT authorize any charges based on this or any other phone call.

Taylor –

Victim Location 85712

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a text message from an unknown number. The text asked about services and asked if I accepted credit cards. I don’t offer the services that were inquired about and said as much in the response. Unfortunately I did not recognize the text as a scam so I provided referrals to other people. I did not answer the question about credit card payments.

2 days later, another small business owner told me he had a similar experience and said it was a scam. Apparently the scammer says they want to purchase services and makes an upfront payment via credit card. Then the scammer overpays and asks for a refund. The credit card in question is stolen.

Carly –

Victim Location 46163

Type of a scam Other

Answered phone and person on other end said they were from customer service and asked " Can you hear me?"

Jake –

Victim Location 33410

Type of a scam Phishing

Asked me if I (used my name) was the one who answered. I said yes, then I said, who is this? and they hung up. I tried to call the number back and it says it is no longer in service. I am reporting this because I am worried about the "can you hear me now scam" and that they recorded me saying yes.

Meagan –

Victim Location 85747

Type of a scam Phishing

I have received several phone calls from this robo call today (x4), though different numbers showed on caller ID, two unlisted, one from (210), one from (617). The lady (robot calling itself Jenny Martin) on the other end said I am calling long distance can you hear me and I said various rude things and hung up. One the last received call I said, ""My hearing aid is broken", and the robot said, "I’m sorry", and hung up.

Obviously this is a trend.

Zachary –

Victim Location 90278

Type of a scam Identity Theft

This was one of those"can you hear me I need to adjust my headset calls"

Angela –

Victim Location 80231

Type of a scam Phishing

My toddler accidentally answered phone trying to bring it to me and a male said "I’m calling from customer service (didn’t give name of company) and then said "Can you hear me ok?". I didn’t respond but he continued taking and I hung up immediately after.

Miranda –

Victim Location 48103

Type of a scam Identity Theft

"Can you hear me?"

Ann –

Victim Location 77375

Type of a scam Phishing

I am on do not call registry. Calling cell phone on 01/27/2017 12:09pm CST. Fake lottery win.

Rachel –

Victim Location 77375

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Other

The scam goes as follows. You park your pickup in a parking lot at a major department store. When you come out, the person that owns the car parked immediately in front of your truck just happens to show up at the same time you do and exclaims that you have parked on top of his car! You look and sure enough, your bumper is just under his. Then he proceeds to say that he would be willing to settle any damages right there. I fell for this the first time and gave the guy $200.00 although I didn’t remember his car being there when I first parked. But it happened again tonight when my wife and I were Christmas shopping. When the guy came up to tell me that I had damaged his car, my wife remembered that there was a pickup truck in front when we first parked. Obviously he had pulled his beat up car in front of my truck to the point that his front bumper was under mine. From now on I will always check to make sure what car is in front of me when I park and if necessary, even take a quick photo.

Tonya –

Victim Location 22209

Type of a scam Employment

I answered a job ad (Part Time Organizing/Filing/Record Keeping) on Craigslist by sending my resume via Craigslist generated email address. Got a reply this morning from a name Larry Scott at [email protected] address. He described the position – that I can work remotely, that he himself travels to Quebec, Canada constantly, how I have to buy gifts for foster kids, for example. Then he requested that I re-confirm my email address, and tel no that I provided in my resume. I was suspicious and did not and will not reply. I also found out that his original ad on Craigslist has been flagged and removed already.

Jonathan –

Victim Location 72758

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Callers from number listed say they work for "IRS" and are calling to inform you that a lawsuit has been filed against you for tax collection.

Kayla –

Victim Location 28207

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Caller claimed IRS suing

Clayton –

Victim Location 85051

Type of a scam Tax Collection


Louis –

Victim Location 38118

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Caller with foreign accent stated that I was approved for a loan. I haven’t applied for any loans

Tracy –

Victim Location 78414

Type of a scam Phishing

Request for a report on Vehicle being sold by going to a fake website that the scammer provided.

Tyler –

Victim Location 83642

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a voicemail from a automatize system stating that there is a court hearing this afternoon and if I do not call them back then the sheriffs department will come and arrest me they said I have 5 allegations against me and if I do not call the number 1-716-200-4948 back then all they can do is wish me good luck. That is all that was on the voicemail. They called me twice from this number and only left 1 voicemail.

Heather –

Victim Location 46219

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Called and stated that they were the IRS had and pending lawsuit against me. The number that they called from is 18185322017.

Clinton –

Victim Location 83647

Total money lost $2,800

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Getting several calls from a 208-318-5544, gives claim number. This caller has called my phone, my husbands phone and my brother-in-law’s phone, all saying I owe money from some payday loan back in 2013. I did get upset and started asking questions. Like when did this happen, what it was I owed. what I got back was a very belligerent answers like so you’re refusing to pay, garnish wages, ect. I wanted the answers to my questions so I could talk to my lawyer first before I pay anyone money. that was when they said so you’re refusing to pay and then just hangs up.

I did talk to my lawyer and he believes it is a scam. and was told to give them his number.

Lance –

Victim Location 37917

Type of a scam Debt Collections

360-980-8896 called me regarding my IRS return and looking up various ways, Scam Fraude

Carolyn –

Victim Location 30075

Type of a scam Tax Collection

206 area code (actual number varies) calls and threatens lawsuit if taxes aren’t paid.

Mallory –

Victim Location 37363

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have received several phone calls on my land line in the last couple of months from persons indicating they are calling about an "enforcement action executed by the US Treasury."

The callers identify themselves as "David Gray" or "Steve Martin." The caller ID simply indicates "Denver." Each has left a voice message the content of which is extremely similar. The message indicates that "ignoring this [message] will be an … attempt to avoid [an] initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense." The callers have left these two call-back numbers: 352-561-2042 and 716-707-0608.

Both callers have a foreign accent.

I have ignored all of these phone calls and do not pick up when I see "Denver" appear as the caller ID.

Alexandra –

Victim Location 64855

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

330-984-4971 i keep getting the message on my phone ,to contact this number for a ss disability benefits application. is this a scam .because i have received this message 4 times on my phone and once on my e-mail. i have not put in any app. for this service .because i’m already on ss.

Anthony –

Victim Location 89159

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The scam is an email saying that it is sending you a $1.000 gift card, but they need you address. It says it came from

[email protected]

It came in form of email. Saying "Smile Here"s_your_ $1.000_Walmart_gift_card_Thank You. " Click here.

I did not click. I know it’s a scam.Please tell people not to click. I believe it is a possible home invasion tactic. It also ask for my home address.

Jill –

Victim Location 73666

Type of a scam Other

The phone call screens from area code 4057039620, once you answer. the phone hangs up, If you call back you get the sorry this number is not in service after it called you

Jermaine –

Victim Location 43830

Type of a scam Tech Support

Falsely imposing as a Dell Tech. Wants access to my computer. Phone ID number is false …. 1-301-3015 or 315-0000 or ppp with unavailable on all ID information. Calls Every Month 3 times a day every week. I always refuse access to my Computer by hanging up the phone and not giving out any information.

Morgan –

Victim Location 31211

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Send money or get arrested

1-360-663-4460 is the return number.

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