Brianna – Mar 01, 2020

Total money lost $280

Type of a scam Online Purchase

There was a ticket selling company , who has seemed untrustworthy from the beginning.

I’ve purchased it with my Visa. It was in September 2018.

It was for a Ozzy concert, in Edmonton at recall place.

I purchase insurance , at the same time from *** *** ***, with an address in Ontario it says in my email.

The ticket sale didn’t send me a ticket originally. I requested a refund from the seller. No luck. They said they gave em out near the concert time.

Ozzy got hurt, everyone postponed the concert.

I wanted my money back again, they said they would not do it, and I would have to wait untill the concert happens.

Ozzy has canceled the tour.

On Feb 17 the I received an email from mytickettracker


Saying I would receive my money within, 5-7 business days.

No money.

Called them today. They tried to grab as bunch of information about me as they could. An they offered another number , 1-866-425-5070

I didn’t call it.

They gave a web site of

Which is malicious.

They couldn’t say where they were.

And at one time after I was hung up on once. One person "Sarah" at the "call center" had to talk to the person "Dominic".

To help them find my information?

Which I had provided the same one to her?

My name , phone #, and the address of the ticket order.

Today there is talk of new scams , and I’m trying to get my 200 dollars back.

For over 2 years now.

The insurance company tried to buff me off originally.

They didn’t confirm that they were in Ontario.

Saying my policy didn’t cover it, they hung up after I asked which line of the document it said that on. As I was reading it.

After I called back and read them the document they wanted more information about me and said I had to fill out some forms to process the refund?

Both companies seem suspect, but the ticket on, which is hard to discribe since they change there name and emails alot. Is definitely a dangerous scam.

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