Myth of eastern

Shawn – Nov 19, 2020

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I order some sandals from this people on March 2020 and did not receive the product after my bank did a research they declined my claim cause this people sent a delivery label I contact FedEx to file a claim there and was told I couldn’t do that cause the pkg was delivered which I haven’t gotten
This is 70 of my income and only order the shoes cause they were said to support and fix toes problem
I have it seem no resource that will refund my money back

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  1. I ordered a wind spinner and they sent it in two sections without any instructions on how to put it together. There also was no rod to put it on so I could put it in my yard for the wind to spin it. I tried sending it back to the return address and it was sent back undeliverable. They told my credit card company that they didn’t give refunds. Now THAT is a scam.

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