Kristine –

Victim Location 40517

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I have received multiple calls from 314.534.7610 in the past few weeks. I do not answer and they do not leave messages. Then I received a priority mail with a check for $2900.42 from St Louis Community Credit Union. There is a sheet with instructions to deposit the check, purchase ebay gift cards, collect information, scratch off the cards and complete a survey as a secret shopper. I called the Credit Union, they are aware of the scam and have acknowledged it on their website. I was informed to shred or tear up the check and disregard.

*Note the language in the instructions is incorrect. Several grammatical errors are detectable i.e. Congratulations for your achievement! The present package contains…Visit any one of the above Stores around you sell this cards. etc


Latoya –

Victim Location 40217

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I received a text and email asking me did I receive a package that they sent me. When I got home there was a letter and a cashier’s check in the amount of ***. The letter was telling me to deposit the check into my banking account, go to any of a list of stores that they put on letter, buy *** worth of EBay gift cards, peel the silver scratch off area on the card and capture image of the card front and back and send to them.. it said to please do not discard the cards because you will need it for your next assignment.

Natalie –

Victim Location 94558

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Standard mystery shopping scam. Check for $2950.52, spend 2500 on ebay gift cards and keep the remainder. Wanted the numbers of the gift cards but no need to send the physicals. All done through email at [email protected]

Signed letter: Mark Carter

Check memo: re Cerissa C Hinson

Return address: Christopher Riegle

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