Mystery Shopper Jobs Reviews - Mystery Shopper Jobs Scam or Legit

Aaron –

Victim Location 85022

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I responded to an ad for being a secret/mystery shopper, with my resume. I received the following email:

Esteemed Secret Shopper:

Payment has been sent to you via USPS courier service. Follow the instructions enclosed letter in the envelope. Also included, is the payment to complete your assignment immediately. The instruction letter will give you a step by step guide to complete your assignment timely .

This is to inform you that I will be waiting for your survey report this morning. Please be mindful that the assignments are time sensitive and immediate feedback is required. The quicker you turn in your survey report the quicker we can ship out your next assignment.

We have numerous stores to cover so please complete the process in a timely manner. Again, the assignments are time sensitive.

Donald Martinez

Shopper Advocate

Phone:517-878-5860—Text Only

I received the envelope with a fake check for $2,350 and instructions to deposit it via ATM and go to a retail store and buy $2,000 in money orders and send them to the next secret shopper on the list they provided.

When I responded to his email about the scam, he offered to pay me $600 every two weeks to print and mail these fake checks! He should be arrested.

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