Brianna –

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company had an ad on *** for a free trial bottle of Garcinia Cambodia. I ordered it under the understanding that it was a sample trial bottle and not a monthly trial subscription. I ordered it online with my cell phone and nowhere were the terms and conditions clear that a subscription trial was what I was ordering. Now looking online there’s lots of websites that do this kind of thing and some are clear about terms while others are not. When I ordered by phone the terms were NOT shown. I would not have ordered this product, had I seen these terms or realized this was a subscription. This company has misled numerous consumers (after I called Visa) into believing the same thing. This has to stop! I ordered the product on July 17 and the invoice does not state the company’s name, nor that it is a trial, nor any kind of terms that were agreed to. All of a sudden got another bill for something called "trial completion" on August 1. I called immediately that morning for clarification (only reason I had their number was that it showed up on my Visa charge line otherwise I would have had no way to contact them) and after about 15 minutes on the phone with the person. I also offered to return the product immediately. They agreed to not bill my visa and to cancel my account. August 22nd I called them again. Not only had they not sent me any kind of confirmation that my account had been cancelled, they did indeed still make the charge to my visa account that day. Another 30 minutes on the phone with the company – that uses the same phrases over and over again – resulted in them stating again that they would cancel my account and refund 35% of the order. This company misleads consumers and this lack of transparency and poor business practice has to stop!

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