My Fast Wire/Advance America Loan Company Reviews - My Fast Wire/Advance America Loan Company Scam or Legit

Sheena –

Victim Location 85032

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I first got a voicemail that my payday loan I applied for was approved, and to go to the website and enter my approval code. I NEVER applied for a loan and was alarmed that they had my informative. I am also on the DNC list. I went to website and entered general public information (name, phone number, email). The next advanced screens were asking for personal information such as bank account info, which I of course did not provide. I immediately selected the contact us tab and emailed requesting they show me proof that I applied. I have yet to hear back. The next day I believe they called me ATLEAST 8 times leaving voicemails, even after I had called back explaining I didn’t apply, asked what info they had on me, and told them not to contact me again. They had my name and phone number, a FAKE address, and he stopped after I told him the address was not mine, then hung up. I continued getting calls that day. The next day more calls, and literally got in a screaming match after telling them I didn’t apply and not to call me again. The refused to let me speak to a manager, or the owner, only stating he was a busy guy. One other rep screamed at me stating if I didn’t apply, how did they got my info. I screamed back "great question "! Still getting calls today after telling them multiple calls to put me on DNC and never call again, and still no response to my email demanding information . I think I may have about 13 voicemails from them so far in 2and a half days!

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