My eCash Loan

Jillian –

Victim Location 38107

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

This is an Advertising "SCAM" issue/eCash Loan… On October 22, 2019, this company, eCash Loan contacted me saying I was approved for $1000 to $10000. The rep "AMY" asked how much I would like to borrow. I requested $5000. She told me how much the interest rate would be 8.5 and $157 per month payment.

She stated there would be a $100 registration fee. I told her I did not have it and she said she would talk to her manager to try to help me out. The $100 registration fee turned to $650 registration fee. This money was to repair my credit so I could get the $5000 requested.

I was told by Amy that 3 deposits had been made in my account ($200, $200.11 and $200.68). Once the $650 was deposited, I was change my online banking information and go to any store to purchase EBATE cards, call back to eCash loans to pay the registration fee using the EBATE cards. I thought the company was legit because they had all my information. Then I started to think,"This is NOT right… but transactions into my checking account had taken place, which caused my bank to get suspicious and my bank "CLOSED" my account.

Meanwhile, I was suppose to change my online banking information and go to any store immediately and put x-amount of dollars on EBATE cards. All the while I was communicating with my bank and this is when I was notified that my account was being closed for fraudulent activity. OMG!!!!! WHAT!!!!!

I called the eCash loan company to inform them and also let them hear what was being said by the banking agent and the eCash rep (AMY and Jack Austin her Manager) was saying my bank was giving me incorrect information. IT IS TRUE…MY ACCOUNT IS CLOSED because of me being STUPID.

I have heard this so MANY times happening to others. This company mentions that they work under the guidelines of the BBB, they share a copy of the loan agreement with the BBB, calls are monitored and recorded by the BBB, reserves the right to increase or decrease the loan amount. If you need the documentation, I will "GLADLY" forward to you.

These are actually 2 different sets of documentation. I have been communicating with my bank to find out why my account was being closed and on today, 10/25/2019, I was told by the Bank of America Account Closure Department that I had filed 3 claims with MLGW, TN for 3 separate amounts ($200, $200.11 and $200.68).

I am not sure if I will lose money or my home services will be cut off because of this. I am still waiting.

I don’t know how they did this by eCash Loans did it…I am TOO embarrassed to discuss over the media. I should have known better. I am much carefuller that this.

I have attached the documents send to my email by eCash Loans. You will see the different website information.

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