My credit advance

Jermaine –

Victim Location 40847

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I have never contacted these people and have had to change my number due to repreated texts from them any numerous others. When I called the main number listed below it says “the text mail subscriber you are trying to reach is unavailable at this time”please leave your name number, info, etc. I did not do so. If this were legitimate I feel it wouldn’t have rang up to 5 times with this message to follow.

9389279 Recieved Payday loan up to [email protected]://mycr+1 (304)


8 People chain -MAIN CONTACT (310-307-1675)

+1 (304) 651-0099

+1 (330) 881-0099

+1 (334) 301-0099

+1 (651) 301-0099

+1 (901) 691-0099

+1 (832) 691-0100

+1 (240) 701-0100

+1 (310) 307-1675

I am clueless on how they got my phone number again or to begin with. Please do not post my personal information outside of my first name if that is needed. I don’t want to be targeted for more scammers. Thank you.

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